Friday, April 28, 2006
Midday Rain
Going to see Branford Marsalis at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas was the best thing i did all week. It was a full-house and it was also the first time i've been to DFP for a non-orchestral performance (i'm doing a project on DFP regarding the acoustics there so i convinced myself that my going was partly for *ahem* "research").

We were a lil late so we went in after the first song but the moment we stepped in, i was hit by this buzz. On stage was one of the Marsalis brothers - admittedly, i hadn't yet heard much of Branford's work but i've been fans of his father & brother(Elis & Wynton) for a long long time - either way, i didn't care. This man had his feet firmly planted in old school New Orleans jazz roots and you could just tell right away. By the third song, Again Never, all i could think was OMG it sounds just like hot chocolate... dark, smoky, rich, smooth.. mmss... divine!

He held his saxophone the way every woman dreams to be held, firmly yet softly with such ease yet such care. He knew her so well and he knew exactly what to do to make her sound just right every time - it was beautiful. Whatever i'd been stressing about the past few weeks melted into that dark deep cuppa.

And the drummer! ahaha.. he was adorable as ever. Had a stoner face like "i can do this in my sleep" but his drumming was sharp and clean and for some reason, it hit me as witty... (does taht make sense?). There was a drum solo in one of the songs and i have to say that this was the first time EVER that i've heard drums play a melody - the honest to goodness MELODY of the song, notes and all.. coolness!

After the show, we (of course) went for a steaming cup of (what else) hot chocolate... and some brownies with ice cream too! I figured what the heck, if you're gonna destress, it might as well be all the way. *cheers*

This is how it felt...
Thursday, April 27, 2006
Shades of Blue..
2MB Cache - the current state of my brain *blek*...

No photo manipulation here. Taken at Zouk sometime back (a guy's shirt me thinks) during the hols when i actually had some semblance of a life...
Wednesday, April 26, 2006
i can't read road maps...
Allow me to be self-indulgent...

It's 3 something again and i have so many things swimming around in my head - questions, answers, thoughts, ideas - fragments of a puzzle i'm building that i've never even seen. Funny isn't it how it's only at this time of day that i have a minute to sit and just think. Someone once told me that i think too much for my own good - he's right, i do. Then again, there's nothing much i can do about it.

Listening to Harlem Blues by Branford Marsalis who i'm going to go see perform at DFP tomorrow night - yay!! *excited* But the song's putting me in a funny mood right now... the feeling you get when you're lying by a pond drawing circles in the water with your fingers, just watching the water swirl and ripple and move - watching but not really seeing - just watching, thinking. That's what it feels like right now. For some reason, i just want to be near water so bad right now that it hurts.. that's one of the things i loved about Bali, there was always open space there. No routes, no maps just lots and lots of space to get lost in. I miss that.

Dawn in Ubud, Central Bali.. taken while we were wondering through the padi fields..
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
it's all a big blur
" I try to take it one day at a time, but sometimes, a few days attack me all at once.."

Routine: Get up, brush teeth, eat, do work, go to uni, skip lunch, do work, come home, eat, do work, don't sleep, do work through the night, say hi to everyone in the morning, do more work, try to make submission deadlines - sleep - wake up and repeat the next day...

I love what i do, really, i just wish i had more time to do it.

On a happy note, i proved to myself that i didn't suck as badly at doing models as i thought i did.

On a sad note.. i have now run out of Desperate Housewives, Nip/Tuck and Prison Break episodes to watch *boo-hoo* what's a girl to do.. :(

Was watching Prison Break the other day and the guy playing Michael Scofield (he's hot btw :) ) climbed up this catwalk/gangway thingy and it reminded me of all the running around i love to do up on catwalks - which reminded me of ROJAK! - which reminded me of photos - which reminded me of blogging - which led me to sit here and be useless for a whole 10 minutes while writing this post *phew* The 6 degrees of seperation - blogger style..

Lights, camera, action.. taken from the catwalks in Pentas 2, KLPAC.

Emily practiving her monologue..

Please mama, don't cry..

Prakash being...well, Prakash :)

Friday, April 21, 2006
Black and White Days
Technically speaking, if you don't sleep for a whole night and two whole days is it still considered two days or one? *ponders* Anyways, it's almost 3 a..m. and i should be sleeping or doing work but i can't sleep and i won't do work so i'm happily indulging in some good old -fashioned blogging :)

A lil too dazed at the mo to stare at bright colours so i decided to monochrome everything. Things seems simpler in black and white don't they? No fuss, no technicolour life - i miss my black and white days...

Taking you through some backstage and practice shots today..

The lighting crew dudes have such a cute way of communicating when they're setting up *heh* they're adorable..

Dude 1: Light 34
Dude 2: ha...
Dude 1: Light 15
Dude 2: ha...
Dude 1: Cut here..
Dude 2: ha...
Dude 1: Soften more MORE! (bounces around doing little starburst jumps) Move, move (does pantomime of lighting the light patch adn dropping it to the other side)


Dance ballerina dance... Prakash showing off his moves..

So.. auditions for Grease are in the other hall.. *whoops* Was so tempted to put the FAME theme song lyrics on that pic. Had that somng runnnig through my head the whole time i was editing this pic - "FAME! I'm gonna live forever, i'm gonna learn how to fly -HIGH! Remember my name, FAME!"

The girls practicing Couture - How to be a B**** 101 :); Lesson 1.

Monday, April 17, 2006
Sudah habis makan..
It's over now. Was only a part of it for a very very very short time but still feel a lil sad ;p Met some lovely people, laughed a lot, learned a lot (Rule no. 1: Never try to man two cameras at once; Rule no. 2: Always figure out how to work your equipment before the lights go out; Rule no. 3: In case you you can't figure out how to use the tripod before lights go out and the camera drops forward during shooting mode, never never EVER swear cos erm.. the camera picks it up *eep*) and most definately had a blast.

But reality check couldn't have come sooner. The moment i stepped out of the theatre, my classmate called me and said "Eh, you got so much time to do filming ah? Have you finished the report for tomorrow???" <*beep* *beep* *beep* crap - die...> report due.. *sighs* *procrastinates by blogging* *decides she's quite dead if she doesn't log off now and finish up the report* I guess it's back to analysing traffic flow for me *whoo-pee-dee-do-da*...

Oh yeah, yet ANOTHER name change for this blog. In my eternal quest to find a half decent name for my site, i have finally come across one that i kinda like - "Click Chick" *heh* i like... and it's all thanx to Sanjiv - thx fer the cute lil card, so sweet :)

Curtain call..
Sunday, April 16, 2006
Entertaining angels
No particular reason for the title.. just been having songs stuck in my head again the whole day. Thanx to Benji, i now have Unplayed Piano by Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan on permanent replay in my head. It's such a dreamy wistful song.. nice.

Was doing some work and i needed a break from analysing traffic flow (speaking of roads, i suck at reading maps.. got my cousin going round and round kl today on the way to lunch *sigh* "sorry, che..") so i decided to edit a few more pics :)

Empty chairs and empty tables.. the calm before the storm -
Went into the theatre to set up just before the front doors opened. Backstage, everyone was busy praticing lines, touching up making, checking props etc. but on the other side of the heavy black curtains, Cafe Del Mar (Rachel's contribution, i' sure) was playing and the empty hall sat solemnly - waiting in anticipation of the night to come.

Auntie Rachel :) -
" tell me anything, i mo-man-tai. But you call me Auntie three times??" - Rojak Intro

Girl fight -
coolness hahaha..
Saturday, April 15, 2006
Just got back from the second night of the play. Have to say that the more i watch it, the more i like it :) The guys sitting in front of me kept turning around and giving me funny looks everytime i started laughing hehe.. *wheeee*

I'm getting a little lazy (and tired) so i'm just gonna post random shots up la.. tiada masa to put them in sets *hee*..

waiting for auntie...



i see dead people... hehe
Break a Leg
Just a quick post of some teaser shots from ROJAK (*brainwashes reader - go see it. go see it. go see it*) that i took during opening night yesterday..Do click on the thumbnails to full-view the pics...

Please excuse the tiny/crappy thumbnails. Do click them to full-view the pics...

Boats don't sink..

...wait, they do.

...of pricks, pansies and parties in 15 minutes

romanticization - the truth about lies...
Thursday, April 13, 2006
Mr. Director
Meet Kelvin aka. Mr. Director Dude :)

Of monsters and munchkins..
I am soo proud of my darling dog Cookie.. today, she finally became a.. er... dog *heh*. After 2 years of pushing real bones around and wondering what on earth to do with them, her inner doggie senses finally kicked in and she figured out waht to do with them. My baby's all grown up and ready to munch real bones now *sniff*.

On a darker note, went to KLPAC today to muck about and do some practice shots for ROJAK. Came back with a camera full of "okay la" shots with an exception of a few nice freaky shots of Rauf the Boogey-monster *Cue scary laugh and organ music - muahahahaha*..

Scary Rauf..

Scary Rauf's evil twin..
Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Lebih Rojak Lagi..
Been a complete pig the whole day jsut eating and sleeping.. feels so good :)

More ROJAK cast pics.

Krystle and Priya.. *munch*

Sharmini again.. This was one of my fave shots that day but i thought the previous one i shot of her fit more with the whole set of cast pics.. :)
Monday, April 10, 2006
Lebih ROJAK...
More cast pics from ROJAK. FYI, ROJAK by the Oral Stage (No Ray, no ellicit implications here.. don't get excited) is playing at KLPAC Pentas 2 from the 13th to 16th of April - click on the links for more info. Enjoy.

Sanjiv & Sharmini.. mms
Saturday, April 08, 2006
FINALLY... it seems like ages since i've had a free moment to just NOT think about work.. free... wheeee.... i got a one week break and a million things to do so right now i'm just taking a time out to chill ( and finish off 3 episodes of Nip/Tuck, Season 2 - yay!). I've been dying to post these pics. Went over to Dram Project the other day to help Pri shoot some portraits (something like that la) for the ROJAK cast. hahaha.. had so much fun, they're crazy people and such an absolute blast to work with.

More or less first time i've actually had people sit down and pose for me.. and most definately the first time i've shot pineapples.. heh. Who knew you could do so many *interesting* things with a pineapple and lots of chillis?

Taken with normal overhead lighting & filtered (side) night light through the glass door. I photoshopped it a bit cos Pri wanted that "bw but colour but real but not real but little bit poyo and artsy but cool" feel to the pic, haha..Taken & edited by me with a healthy dose of pineapple inspiration by Priya. Anyways, enjoy the first of this series & do go see the show. *cheers*

P/s: do full view, the thumbnail's itty bitty ;p

Prakash & Rachel...hmms