Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Shrek aka. Tse Yuen

isn't he so adorable? aww... Posted by Hello
Picture This

We were all playing round with our cameras while in the water.. i was dead scared of dropping my cam or dunking it or something :p but all of us couldn't resist snapping away.. we're such tourists heh. Posted by Hello
The Trees

These are The Trees.. this is what Hui Wen is looking at.. like the way i placed this pic on top of that pic? :) (ok another little lame moment of mine..couldn't help myself sorryPosted by Hello
I See The Light 2

This is Hui Wen looking at the trees.. you can tell we haven't let her out much (haha.. actually all of us were like jakuns la.. this bunch of city kids climbing up the mountain with their handphones and digicams..but it was nice)

Went up to Kanching Waterfalls.. wasn't exactly what we expected but it was cool anyways..literally cool (as in cold.. get it? corny pun fully intended *some of you are cringing right now* hahaha)I'll spare you now & continue my lameness in the description for the next pic ;) Posted by Hello
The Truck

Another back dated pic :p Yesterday's pics were sorta delayed by a day so this one is for well, yesterday..(?) anyways, i was a pig again..slept in and woke up for lunch so the first signs of daylight i saw was when i went to play pool in the afternoon.. man did i suck *sigh* haven't played in a while so it was nice to play again.

On the way back had to rush to pick sis up from tuition (heh forgot bout the time.. as usual) & guess what? got stuck in a traffic jam at the tol :p anyways, this truck thing was in front of the car the whole time & the more i stared at it the more it said to me "take a pic of me.. do it.. do it.." So i gave in to the voice inside my head and ended up with this pic :) it's basically what i was staring at for the entire duration of the jam. The sky was nice though.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

After the competition it was off to TCS practice :p was sooooooo dead tired and also half an hour late so i really wasn't in a mood to take any nonsense from anyone or of anyone. The only shot that i took that was of any actual interest to me was of these mic and score book stands, silently standing, watching the performance evolve week after week. Never speaking what they have to say. Just standing. Always standing. Posted by Hello
One For The Road

Smells like team spirit... Posted by Hello
Show Me The Love

Let's Go Blitzerz, Let's Go!! Woo...i love the placards that their coach made for the supporters to hold.. it really looks very impressive when they all hold it up together.. very striking. For such a small & new school to show such spirit & support for their new team.. it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.. This is what the cheer competition should be about. This is what we always forget.  Posted by Hello

i like this pic of the flags that my sis's friends made to support their team.. very simple but it works :) Posted by Hello
Monday, June 28, 2004
All Smiles

A group shot of some of the Blitzerz girls. Aww... all of em look like such cheerleaders hahah all sweet & pretty & perky.. Posted by Hello
Me & Mandy @ Cheer 2004

Ok just a note *these pics are actually for yesterday. i was so dead tired yesterday that i just couldn't bring myself to switch the comp on..even though it was pretty tempting ;p*

But anyways, this is the very FIRST pic of me in here.. mainly because ALL the photos here are taken by me.. and i sorta wanted to keep it that way (yes yes sorry..a little selfish moment) but on occasion, i will post a few pics that weren't taken by me...when i do, i will of course acknowledge the respective photographers... in this case i don't remmeber who took it.. haha but someone else did la..

enough about had a roadshow for TCS in the morning then went straight to Bukit Jalil for Cheer 2004.. ok so usually i wouldn't be so psyched about it but this year my darling younger sis was taking part! i was pretty happy for her since it was her first time competing.. Team Captain (wooo..) anyways i like this pic of my lil cheerleader & i.. it's like the 1st picture ever of the both of us where we actually have some semblance of being related (weird, we usually don't look even the slightest bit alike but here we actually look like sisters).. yeah and just incase you're wondering yes she's younger than me and yes she's the taller one :p oh yeah & the banner in the background won best banner so GO BLITZERZ! ALRIGHT! Posted by Hello
Sunday, June 27, 2004
Dirty Hands

My dear little sis Mandy helped out with the painting.. Cookie wanted to help out too! Got her tail and paws all blue and yellow. She n Mandy look like twins now.  Posted by Hello
Mess of Masking Tape

Later painted some headband-banner-thingys for Mandy's cheerleading team.. Go BLiTzeRz!! As you probably know by now.. i like taking pics of piles of junk.. this is another good example of lovely junk heh. Posted by Hello
Happy Food

*Mommy told me not to play with my food...* but ima big girl now and i can do whatever i like!! ;P che introduced me to tosei (is that how you spell it?) kaya today.. yumm.... i think i'm addicted.. curry n kaya have a weird effect on you when consumed together heh weEeeEeee... was feeling kinda happy after lunch.. you can tell..heh Posted by Hello
Che & Boon sweet.. che & ah boon @ mont kiara..*sigh* me as usual bertiang lampu only.. hehe their official photographer - some time after noonPosted by Hello
Friendly Neighbourhood Tol Guards

On the way to lunch we got stopped by a couple a tol guards haha.. SMART Tag tada duit lagi.. *sigh*. Some nice guy in the car behind us paid for our tol.. or maybe he was just impatient..either way, it works for me :) Posted by Hello
I'm Beginning to See The Light...

WooOoOoOooo... i love tunnels.. i really do. for some strange reason i love wooshing through tunnels. it's surreal..The racing lights, the speeding walls heheh. Most of all the light at the end. In a way it makes me happy to know that there'll always be a light at the end of the tunnel :) - Penchala Link tunnel, sun-shinny morning Posted by Hello
Saturday, June 26, 2004
Old Pro

Cookie's looking a little bored with this whole modelling thing.. she's a little pro.. i have a feeling a lot of my pics are gonna be of her.. since she's the only one that obliges for photos :( Posted by Hello

What a princess! My dog Cookie takes inspiration from Aaron & tries out her 'model' pose while perched atop the sofa.. Who does a better job? You decide (heheh) Posted by Hello
Pretty Boy (no actually i do..but Aaron would so kill me for putting that up here.. [*be nice, nice*] actually he will prob kill me anyways for putting this pic here too but - who cares? i have a feeling alotta ppl are gonna have it in for me by the end o the year...) Posted by Hello
Friday, June 25, 2004

Sunlight was streaming through the window and this lovely pile-o-junk was just sitting there basking in the evening warmth. I thought the layers and textures looked cool together.. and the way the light played on it intensified the colours (*sigh* but apparently according to a friend of mine, it just looks like a bunch-o-bras..*sigh* it's folders and plastic ok?!?! :p heh). Just another reminder that it's not how things appear at first glance rather, how you look at things beyond what they seem. Posted by Hello
The Canticle Singers, 20 June 2004, Rehersal@FBC (3)

When i first saw the photo op for his pic during the last practice, i knew exactly what i wanted it to look like.. black & white with this exact cropping (minus the funny sign in the background tho.. but oh well). I barely had to edit this pic much except for a little bit of lighting and switching it to b&w... it turned out different from what i expected but i like it anyway. A very simple shot but...  Posted by Hello
The Canticle Singers, 20 June 2004, Rehersal@FBC (2)

I like the emotion in this photo. It's of Brian doing his 'Close Every Door To Me' song from Joseph. Many of the shots i took during this TCS rehersal turned out dark and blurry but this one i managed to salvage.. :)  Posted by Hello
The Canticle Singers, 20 June 2004, Rehersal@FBC

Timmy is soOoooOo adorable. He's the only one who gets to runs around the whole rehersal hall and not get scolded by Chong (music director). This was taken when he was playing music conductor at Chong's post. I couldn't resist sneaking off and taking this shot. he's just too cute for words. Posted by Hello
Fete de la Musique 2004, Malaysia (2)

MmmMm.. this brazilian cutie caught my eye. He's part of the team doing capoiera at the fete. i thought he made a lovely subject for a portrait..don't you? Posted by Hello