Monday, August 28, 2006
Project OMG
So last night, grace did this stoopid stoopid thing.

She wrote a song, she tricked Ray into helping her figure out the chords, then she went on stage and proceeded to sing.

Scariness aside, she reckons it was a good experience...

Project OMG - omg indeed ;)

Flip it...

Priiiiyaaaaa.... *hee*

Play Safe indeed - so cute they came in matching tees

Yes, we know.. ;p

I loved the shutters that blew in the wind *happy sigh*

Through the looking glass..

Deep in thought..
Thursday, August 24, 2006
So Full....
Grace was hungry - very hungry.

She had a vision of Ramli burgers so she ordered a Burger Rusa Special.
Then while waiting, she ordered another Burger Ayam Biasa.
Then, they went to McDs where she realised that "there's nothing quite like a Ramli burger :)"
She is now full - very full...

Monday, August 21, 2006
Faces | Places - Singapore Day 1
'Twas 6 something in the morning, my eyes are glued shut with sleep but i manage to eventually pry them open, head for the shower and so begins S'pore Road Trip Aug '06...

Had quite a buzz of excitement over the whole trip. For some reason, the both of us just really needed a break from the existential cycle of eat-sleep-work. Boarding the bus with closed eyes and open minds, we were clueless as ever as to what exactly we were going down for but happy as ever to be doing it all the same.

5 hours flew (or more like drove *hee*) by quite quickly considering that it was a rainy day..

..and that all i had to stare at for that duration of time was..

and this ;p

Anyways, we finally arrived at the drop-off where we wandered around a bit looking for the lrt station and met up with my daddy for lunch *hugs dad*. After dropping our bags off at my uncle's place, cleaning up, and realising that i didn't have Matthias' mobile number and had no other way of contacting him in S'pore (nOOoooOOoo), Ray and i decided to head down to Ochard Rd. to wander aimlessly and hopefully get some retail therapy *Yays!*

So walk walk walk to the station then we wait for the bus. This is when we encounter

"Queer Sinagporean Item No. 1: The Smellie Pits Man"

Thankfully, i was standing far far away from these two *hehehe* the guy will kill me if he ever comes to my blog :D

On the bus, we encountered

"Queer Sinagporean Item No. 2: Evil Manga Eyed Girl"

The combination of excessive bus travel and lack of sleep must have got to me. i could've sworn i was temporarily possesed by a manga-wannabe-12-year-old-girl *cringe*

So we're walking around, smiling like sleepy blur people just trying to tap into the city vibe there. My camera's out, itching to snap away so i obliged and shot this staple "looking-up-a-glass-facade-building" shot.

Ends up we stumbled into this place called That CD Shop which i just fell in love with. Ray liked the hot salesgirls in sleek black, i loved the racks and racks of jazz/world/lounge CDs *sighs* got stuck there for a bit *hee* and ended up acquiring a nice little pile of cds (kudos to Ray for putting up with me!), which incidently were the only real purchases i made throughout the trip.

Ray wanted to check out some Gundam model shops so we hoped on a bus again and went to Plaza something. All browsing done, it was time to feed on queer S'porean cuisine. This is precisely when we came across this..

"Queer Sinagporean Item No. 3: Egg Balls (seriously, that's what they're called!)"

Ray couldn't stop laughing at 'em. Haha especially when they were in the bag and looked rather *em* flesh coloured.. hahaha so wrong wei.. but ahh the novelty of it all. *hee* A bit of walking round and it was time to meet up with Matthias for dinner. Felt quite weird at first to meet up with someone whom i've only known online so far - it felt both familar and the foreign at the same time. Matt was a dear and we got along great the whole trip :D My first ever! *whee*

The Dhoby Gaut LRT station - i like the lights :)

Went for the fireworks that night... twas beautiful albeit a tad messy at times but good all the same . i forgot how much i loved watching twinkling lights streak across the black sky before bursting and showering the night with colourful spakles and stars. *happy sigh* Didn't bring my tripod thought so couldn't shoot anything. Took some videos instead! Might upload em here soon :D

After the fireworks had ended, the smoke had settled, and most of the people had moved away, the backdropped remained. A city in its splendour, dressed for the occasion, laying silently unapplauded in the shadow of the fireworks. And at once, it was both awake and asleep, both alive and dead.

A veil of light in the solemn sky... and Singapore sleeps.

*Please click on the photo thumbnail to see a bigger pic of this pano shot i took of the S'pore cityline off the Marina Bay area. Alternatively CLICK HERE to see the FULL-SIZED version of this shot. This thumbnail is pathetically small - sorry ;p*

Thursday, August 17, 2006
Faces | Places - Singapore (Behind the Lens)

(L-R): Meet Matthias, Grace (moi!) and Raymond - Welcome to Singapore.

3 days, 3 photographers, 2 nights, 1 country
.. and so it begins.


On a completely unrelated note, it's been a rollercoaster of a day. Had a looong talk today which was good - helped put some things in perspective. Got freaking pissed with someone today - which scared some people. Progressed from comatose to wide awake - which was good... and well other stuffs la ;p

Anyways, Grace needs to sleep now.. she's gonna be sleeping while teaching tomorrow (again) *blek*

Till' then...
Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Back home..

Grace is back!!

(You can stop groaning in agony now, yes)

So it's been something of a rather interesting trip.. one of meeting new people, learning new things, seeing new perspectives.. :D short chilli padi of a road-trip - leaves you panting wondering what hit you and i mean it in a literal sense too.. omg we walked so much in S'pore!! So proud of myself for effectively trudging aimlessly around S'pore for more than 12 hours straight in a day... *whee* anyways, here's one shot from a batch of 1..2..3..10... 600.......? @_@ Okay a batch of a lot of shots la ;p haha.. will post up more soon!

Friday, August 11, 2006
Road Trippin'
Grace is headed to Singapore today
*wheeeeeee* See you again in another 4 days... with tons of pic updtaes i'm sure!

Till' then, tra la....
Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Photo Blog vs. Photo Gallery
You know something is wrong with your blog when your online friends ask you for "photos of yourself" so that they can recognise you when you meet them in person...

As of today, there are what 3..4... cam whoring pics of myself on my blog?? Therefore to fulfill the true calling of a blog (which is to *doh* host obscene amounts of cam whoring pics) and to make up for lost time, i'm posting a whole truckload of cam whoring pics here now *wheee*...

After all, this is my photo blog not my photo gallery so bear with me as i indulge.

*WARNING: Lethal dose of cam whoring pics below. Not suitable for young children or those with heart conditions.* *bleep*

First off, pics from Olympiarch 2006..

(L) The Red Queen & the Princess (Nell & i) ; (R) Naz the... ???

A break from moshing to snap a quick group pic!

Yes, i like shooting myself upside down ;p

Princess Grace, Devil Jay & Devil Naz

Mamak after a long night (L-R Clockwise: Me, Mai, Jimmy, Sally, Mimi, Riya)

Pics from Endgame@KLPAC.. Look who we bumped into after the show :D

*Oh no miang miang MIANG pic of me* *blek* Grace & Jasiminne Penguin

A considerably less miang pic of Kelvin and i

Sharifah Amani and moi..

Gavin and moi..

Albert and moi.. ?? Hmms..

Pics from our trip to MV Doulos..

Justin Bear & Ray

Pimp Bear & the Huei Sisters (Huei Yuih & Huei Tsuen)

Huei Tsuen & i snapping pics while waiting in line..

Okay, this is too much for me even *hehe* think i'll split up the cam whoring pic series into 2. End it here for now.

Sick of me yet?

Haha.. bewarned, Cam Whoring Part 2 will be coming soon. Till then...
Monday, August 07, 2006

Taken off in the softness
Reveling in the quiet of dawn
To dream
To remember
To reminisce

Moments when yesterdays and morrows are one
And sleep
As light traces the shadows
Laying airy footsteps to guide out path

As golden breathe warms the mist
We wake
Greeting slowly the heavy bright
Rising then to the haze of day

And as you leave, beckoned by your chores
I lie in bed
Stirring between the soft white sheets

To wait again
Till all dies down
And you solemnly swear
to never leave me
Just a little girl in her reverie.



Okay, so maybe this wasn't exactly what i had in mind when i planned to do a follow up post about the MSID event thing but i couldn't help it.

Was deciding which pics to post and landed on this one. Got me thinking.

My posts will get progressively less pensive, i promise. For now, just leave me be - a little girl in her reverie.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

"You work that you may keep pace with the earth and the soul of the earth.
For to be idle is to become a stranger unto the seasons, and to step out of life's procession, that marches in majesty and proud submission towards the infinite."

-Khalil Gibran, The Prophet


Taken at MSID Student's Saturday earlier today. Some day long Interior Design student competition thing la :)

We WON 1st place in the streetscape installation comepetition!! *whoooooo* haha miracle... anyways, will blog more bout it another time. Dead tired now.. need... my.... sleep.....

*plonks on bed and promptly passes out*

Friday, August 04, 2006
What walls?

What walls have seen, heard, tasted
the churnings of a bleak emptiness
so deep the darkest shadows leave the sun
weaving into silk strands that
tangle the illusion of truth beyond lies
making the ones we trust the ones that bind us
hold us - and steal us away

slipping further toward the light that shalt not falter
to sleep in sorrowful bliss by the waters of time

What walls could feel, touch, break
with sudden emotion that rushes from this gash
clawing blindly for absolution when
choices have been made - the mind set
solid masses of steel gates chain me
and one's self is to blame.
No less, no more

Beyond the silent whispers, fading hearts, and sunken eyes
What walls are to blame?

For what walls have stood to try themselves
in trials that set to flame?

None at all.
None at all.
None at all.



Do excuse the emo-ness, i've just been thinking...
Thursday, August 03, 2006
I dream in colour, but i see in black and white.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Sunrise Jazz Fest 2006 - Part II
More eye candy from the fest!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Justin's Got Milk

It's quiet out
while sleepers lull and toss
in waves of undulating dreams

yet night need not dim the stars in the sky
for mine therein to breathe life
reminiscing my reveries

to wait in moments as if years
knowing not their end yet feeling no fright
to be fulfilled
to be complete

as they march soberly past
the stillness inside calms me
takes me

and as always it begins to play

while it's quiet out...


Just felt like writing something. it's been a while.

Just got back from stuffing my face with Baskin's ice cream at JustinBear's place. Where i watched Pirates of the Caribbean 1 for the first time while RayRay and Tsuen were either busy watching Justin's cats or me hiding behind a big big pillow when the ugly bits came up *ish!!*

*switches focus back to Justin and his cats*

They are so freaking cute!!! I took this vid of the JustinBear version of a 'Got Milk?' commercial.. the updated version of it. New generation cats can now get their carton milk fresh from their master's tummy by erm... milking it?!?! hahaha... check it out.