Friday, April 28, 2006
Midday Rain
Going to see Branford Marsalis at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas was the best thing i did all week. It was a full-house and it was also the first time i've been to DFP for a non-orchestral performance (i'm doing a project on DFP regarding the acoustics there so i convinced myself that my going was partly for *ahem* "research").

We were a lil late so we went in after the first song but the moment we stepped in, i was hit by this buzz. On stage was one of the Marsalis brothers - admittedly, i hadn't yet heard much of Branford's work but i've been fans of his father & brother(Elis & Wynton) for a long long time - either way, i didn't care. This man had his feet firmly planted in old school New Orleans jazz roots and you could just tell right away. By the third song, Again Never, all i could think was OMG it sounds just like hot chocolate... dark, smoky, rich, smooth.. mmss... divine!

He held his saxophone the way every woman dreams to be held, firmly yet softly with such ease yet such care. He knew her so well and he knew exactly what to do to make her sound just right every time - it was beautiful. Whatever i'd been stressing about the past few weeks melted into that dark deep cuppa.

And the drummer! ahaha.. he was adorable as ever. Had a stoner face like "i can do this in my sleep" but his drumming was sharp and clean and for some reason, it hit me as witty... (does taht make sense?). There was a drum solo in one of the songs and i have to say that this was the first time EVER that i've heard drums play a melody - the honest to goodness MELODY of the song, notes and all.. coolness!

After the show, we (of course) went for a steaming cup of (what else) hot chocolate... and some brownies with ice cream too! I figured what the heck, if you're gonna destress, it might as well be all the way. *cheers*

This is how it felt...
Anonymous drooble said...
great pics grace! getting better with every pic you take...your signature thing is awesome too! how'd you do it? you take care girl...

Blogger grace_t said...
hey drooble(?? - erm care to expose the mystery behind the nickname?), thanx so much ;) hmms the sig thingy? you take a white pen and squiggle on your comp screen... or you could just use photoshop - less messy. *cheers*

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