Saturday, July 31, 2004
Evidence of the Crime

"..and they drew little flowers in the sand" Posted by Hello
How patriotic, a Haagen Daz ice cream soup :p We felt a little bad for wasting all that ice cream.. you know the poor starving people in Somalia and all but as Jason justified it we were "contributing to the local economy". Cheers.
Rum & Raisin

How can you resist a double scoop of Haagen Daz Rum & Raisin when the sign on the counter reads 'Indulge' ? Posted by Hello
Too Much of A Good Thing
There are many things in life that i love.. things i have told myself that i will never get enough of.. well, i was wrong. sooooo wrong.

The past 2 weeks of my life have been a series of indulgences.. OVERindulgences to be exact. *ooOhHh* i still feel queasy thinking about it.

Okay quick summary, here's my:
List of Indulgences (also known as Grace's Confessions :p)

  1. Chinese family dinner after chinese family dinner after chinese family dinner (you know how it goes at these things.. too much food and everything always has to be finished.. as my grandma says 'moi sai fan')
  2. Gelares Waffle Tuesdays - half price off my favourite waffles and ice cream... you know where i'll be on tuesdays.
  3. J-card Memebers Day - living next to OU is my greatest blessing & mom's worst curse :) if you've never been for j-card day you really should go.. it's surreal the way people shop like there's no tomorrow.. and some of em get pretty emotional about it too!
  4. Malaysia Mega Sale - ok so the fact that i'm on holidays right now and that i live next to a mall doesn't help. How many pairs of shoes do i really need? Considering the fact that some days i don't even venture outside the house, NONE. But who's counting anyway *hee*
  5. Kim Gary's - i curse the day that i was introduced to this sinful place! nah, not really. hehe. OoOoOOhhHh.. the restaurant with a name that's synonymous with Cheese baked rice, butter & condensed milk waffles (which actually looks kinda gross but don't judge a waffle by it's crust??), the most sinful french toast i have ever come across and a whole host of other edibles that exist only in your cardiologists nightmare :)
  6. Sleep - hmm to me one of the greatest luxuries of being on break is being able to wake up at 1pm, have lunch, go back to sleep and wake up at 5pm or something for dinner heh.. in simple english this can be translated into being a complete pig.
  7. Haagen Daz All-you-can-eat Buffet for RM25!! - For time eternal, i have eyed jealously the lucky few who were priveliged enough to sit in this uber fashionable and oh-so-exclusive ice cream store gorging their silly little faces in what i then thought to be the most heavenly ice cream on earth. ok so i admit the seductive haagen daz adverts might have had something to do with it but all the same, you can understand the reverance i had for this ice cream.. 'it's not just ice cream - it's Haagen Daz' i would say. That is until some of us got together for a dream-come-true Haagen buffet for, get this RM25!! woo-hoo... talk about a steal, we were all reved up and ready to eat the place dry (or at least i was la). FINALLY, we didn't have to wreck our heads carefully choosing the flavours, we didn't have to worry about eating quickly before the ice cream melted, we..we..we....were so liberated! 9 scoops of ice cream later, i was feeling a like a sick little puffer fish and wobbling along like one too. I shall forever be in awe at how Yi Khai ate 16 scoops of ice cream in one sitting.. seriously.. i think we really over did it :p it was fun tho. By the end of 3 - 4 hours there, we were all a little jaded. 'Haagen Daz ice cream? bah i made little flowers in the bowls of melted ice cream - what's the big deal?' a little sad at how a once revered item on my LIST OF INDULGENCES has fallen from grace (no pun intended). But happy too.. i think the ice cream did something funky to me *whee*

Saturday, July 17, 2004
new revelations
gosh i had such a looooooooooooooooovely day today :) ok apart from the waking up at 5:30am part la hehe... hmm ok so dragged myself out of bed after barely getting any sleep then....i FINALLY went paintballing *woo-hoo*.. something i've been meaning to go for for quite some time now actually.. was a lil nervous (but don't tell anyone ok?) on what to expect but hey...i was pretty excited! It turned out to be really fun (except for the sitting-in-a-cold-puddle-while-staking-out-the-base part). Contrary to popular belief, or at least to my previous belief, paintballs (or painballs as the Marshall put it) aren't soft rainbow coloured bobs which splat into multi-coloured-buncho-paint-like artistic splats. They are, in fact, hard yellow plastic bobs which bounce about and break, thus splattering you with a mess of icky oily yellow goo interspersed with tiny shards of plastics. Apparently it doesn't taste too great either *surprise surprise* ...according to some people of course.

I got shot once on the leg and it did hurt but oh well... at least i now know what it feels like :p haha sorta does away with a bit of the 'what-does-getting-shot-feel-like' apprehension which is a good thing of course.

Hmmm... later today went down to The Regent KL for another TCS roadshow... had The Mc D's prawn burger (??) for din. it ...was.....interesting.... :p i shall refrain from saying more lest they sue me silly for defamation :) but you get the idea right??

Anyways, rushed back home and took what i consider to be my fastest shower ever then it was out to the Heineken Green Room Music Fest. Yay! i'm so glad i decided to go for it.. eventhough i certainly would've like to have been there earlier (*grumble grumble*) it was still really good! Been waiting for a fest like this for a while... if you haven't guessed yet, i sorta have a thing for outdoor festivals..addicted to em :p seriously though this sudden surge in outdoor events has just really made my hols. it's so nice to go out at night and be able to enjoy the cool night while still getting a hefty dose of entertainment.


that's the life :)

Saturday, July 10, 2004
Loooong day..
It's been a relatively crappy yet generally alright day.

Cookie decided to wake me up at 7:30am.. which, to me, during my holidays, when i sleep at 4:00am... is pretty early :p But she's cute, and she gave me a kiss & pulled her big puppy eyes so i can't really bring myself to scold her.

Anyways, had this weird uneasy feeling the whole day. Weird feeling la.. Sorta had a notion that today was gonna be one of those days. Was a lil edgy too since i had to drive round quite a bit. Drove most of the way in anticipation of something crappy happening but *yay* got home in one (relatively ok) piece :) Met up with Hsulynn too so that was nice.

But anyways, got back later than i expected, rushed off to KLCC for MPO again hehe this time tho we didn't have tics so went there to try our luck. THANKFULLY ada tiket la.. haha the concert was pretty nice - different from the usual stuff i've heard so far. So there we are.. la la la on our way to Bangsar for a nice round of drinks to round the night off - all my weird crappy feelings about impending doom temporarily side-lined. *haih* got into road accident :p

Minor accident la. Everyone was generally ok except for a scrape or two. I wasn't driving (Thank God) or i would've definately done waaaaaay worse damage.. but still. I felt sooOoOoOOooO crappy bout it. Like in a way i jinxed my friend :( me and my premonitions..

However, the bright side is that at the police station, some of us got to sit and talk..something we haven't done in a while albiet the unfortunate circumstances. But sometimes it takes things like these to get you to sit down and think about things.

Oh well, i guess that pretty much sums up my day.. oh yeah, and to add to that, i'm pretty much convinced that i'm going to fail my Grade 8 music exam too.. yeah, so that's my day. And once again no updated pics.. since i still don't have a digicam. But i'm working on it!!

In the mean time, i'll just fill this site with my useless ramblings cause as you can see, i feel more compelled (and inspired) to write when i'm in crappy moods. It's been a long day, highs and lows, in betweens. Still have a bummed out kinda "i just feel like sighing, won't somebody call me so i can rant" feeling tho. I guess it comes with the whole package. I think i'll just go to sleep now and hope tomorrow brings better tidings. Later.
Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Sitting in the car waiting for Ping @ the gas station inspired me to pick up the cam again and fiddle with it more. :) Nothing much to shoot from where i was sitting except this tissue box so.. i guess that'll have to do heh. Besides, tissue boxes are an important part of my sinus-ridden life :p i suppose this is a tribute to all the tissue boxes that have served me so loyally and faithfully all these years.. may they rest in piecesPosted by Hello
Petrol Pumps

okay.. i'm not even sure why i shot this pic and why i'm putting it up here but oh well.. i'll just clear it out when i'm in the mood. Posted by Hello
Night Lights

This is actually my fave shot that i took that night. And incidently, it was a fluke shot. Was actually trying to shoot some kids on bikes as we were driving along but set the shutter speed to extra slow instead of extra fast (yes, another blur moment of mine. So sue me, it was dark! :p). I'm glad i made that stoopid mistake tho.. haha this is way better than some boys showing off on bikes :)  Posted by Hello
The Twin Towers

I know that countless people have already photographed this building but here's my own little tribute to the over-rated spirit of Malaysia Boleh ;) my Twin Towers pic. Enjoy.. Posted by Hello

KLCC is kinda pretty at night... when it's quiet, and there's no one else around. Feels like you're the only person in the whole wide world.  Posted by Hello
KLCC - Skylights

As we were rushing for the performance, i couldn't help but notice the pretty skylight in KLCC.. most people only look at the main one but it think this smaller one is charming as well :) Posted by Hello
Street Lamps

On the way back was playing with Ping's Canon ixus 500 digicam.. was happily snapping away at the traffic light. This street lamp shot was taken through his dirty car window ;) i took one with the window down but somehow i still like this one better.. the speckled effect is kinda cute i think.. Posted by Hello
Ice Lemon Tea

Finally, someone sent me some pictures! yay!! Ok these are actually for Sat night - Went for an mpo performance @ KLCC. Eek Ping wanted to have din but all the places were sooo packed so in the end, we wound up at Bongsen this cute Vietnamese/French place. The ice lemon tea there's yummy but.. word of caution.. avoid the Pink Lemonade haha.. ask Ping, he'll tell you why *hee*. Posted by Hello
Sunday, July 04, 2004
Pic-A-Holics Anonymous
I confess to being a complete, utter, over the edge pic-a-holic .. besides also having a severe blog addiction. I can't help it.. when i'm near a camera my fingers start to itch..the voice in my head comes back to haunt me and i have no choice but to succumb to it and pick up the camera and..and..and.. *SNAP* heh.

ok very sorry about my extreme crappy-ness but hey, my comp crashed on friday night ok?? AND i finally gave the digicam back to my friend so i've been basically digi-cam-less & computer-less this past weekend. Hmm had to nick random friends' digicams and snap a few shots.. still waiting for them to send me the shots so i can load em tho *hint, hint* ..hehe. But anyways.. it's been an interesting couple o days. My comp has finally been restored to it's former condition (All my files are still intact!! YAY!! Thank you WEE!!) and my quest for the perfect digicam is still underway.. gosh i sound like sucha geek haha :p till my next (highly back-dated) post..cheers.
Friday, July 02, 2004
i'm so confused!! in more ways than one really.

Went camera shopping today for a new digicam.. My dad had this great idea that i needed to start learning road directions so he made me drive round and round in the blazing afternoon heat :p Finally went to midvalley to start my great quest for the perfect digicam. Was bombarded with all these weird sounding brands, model numbers, features and other digicam gibberish that just made my already woozy head swirl even more.*eck* anyways, haven't made a decision on the cams yet so as yet, i have no digicam of my own to play with..

Been feeling a little down and out the whole day. Not really sick or anything just not too up to things. Didn't feel like snapping away much. took a few shots at practice but didn't really snap those pics whole-heartedly.. i didn't want to put any pics up just for the sake of putting it up here so instead, i decided to leave todays pic spot... *BLANK*

That's how i'm feeling today.. sorta empty and blank.
Thursday, July 01, 2004
Isn't It A Wonder

Another shot from the same spot. The street lamps threw a warm glow on the normally white walls, washing them in a rich orange against the backdrop of the deep blue sky..Funny how something plain and ordinary that you look at almost everyday can suddenly surprise you like this. Posted by Hello
Night Sky 1

Had a relatively dull day :P Woke up with the sniffles and was feeling generally sick and heady. To top it all off, i was supposed to return my friend's digicam today - the one i used to take all the pics here so far. As i packed it away, i felt sorta like i had had an arm amputated or something *sigh*. No more snapping away at whim.. but he didn't show to collect it... hehe thankfully. so i got to keep it for a little longer. Might go to get one of my own tomorrpw!! Yay!

My uncle and his army of a family flew in from Belfast in the evening so had to drag my sorry self up from bed to go greet them when they came over for dinner. I was a bit blur and a bit of a mess but it was lovely to see them again.

Glad i went outside to help with the stuff though since i managed to catch a glimpse of the lovely dusk sky.. immediately rushed up and grabbed the cam.. the red tinge in the clouds had gone by the time i got down again but it was replaced by this lovely royal blue, silhoutteting the trees and street lamps. all taken from my front porch.. my mom was like "you took this picture where? it doesn't look like our housing area" heh. You won't believe what you can see if only you take a moment to stop and gaze at the sky.

Hmm.. listening to Bobby McFerrin's 'Another Night In Tunisia' as i'm typing this.. that guy is just simply amazing.. wow  Posted by Hello