Wednesday, March 18, 2009
A Life less ordinary
Road trippin
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Normality is overrated..
then again so is the extraordinary.

Extraordinary - I've always found that word to be somewhat of a joke. How can something extra ordinary be more than ordinary? It's like saying something extra boring is interesting. What is it really to live an extraordinary life? By definition, to be normal is to conform - to conform to accepted ideas, ideals, standards, expectations. So what if you choose not to conform? What if you don't agree with common thought, common sense or common knowledge. What if you want something different? What if you don't want something extra-ordinary rather, something less than ordinary - something a little uncertain, a little unpredictable, a little strange, a little more alive?

What if..

What if 'what if' never existed? If we were deprived of the ability to attempt predicting our future, what would we do different? Would we do anything differently or would we still question. Asking questions is a rather humbling exercise. To ask is to admit that you do not know. Although i suppose, in a way, admitting your inadequacies is the first step to overcoming denial. Yet, what comes after confession? So many questions, so little motivation to want to think about them.

"And so it goes, and so it goes
And You're the only one who knows..."
- 'And So It Goes' by Billy Joel
Blogger R. said...
do u ever read michelle foucault's ideas?
u thinker you!

Blogger Grace Tham said...
Heya rach! i'm blogging again - yey. heheh never read Foucault ideas.. hmm maybe i should... recommend some?