Saturday, April 08, 2006
FINALLY... it seems like ages since i've had a free moment to just NOT think about work.. free... wheeee.... i got a one week break and a million things to do so right now i'm just taking a time out to chill ( and finish off 3 episodes of Nip/Tuck, Season 2 - yay!). I've been dying to post these pics. Went over to Dram Project the other day to help Pri shoot some portraits (something like that la) for the ROJAK cast. hahaha.. had so much fun, they're crazy people and such an absolute blast to work with.

More or less first time i've actually had people sit down and pose for me.. and most definately the first time i've shot pineapples.. heh. Who knew you could do so many *interesting* things with a pineapple and lots of chillis?

Taken with normal overhead lighting & filtered (side) night light through the glass door. I photoshopped it a bit cos Pri wanted that "bw but colour but real but not real but little bit poyo and artsy but cool" feel to the pic, haha..Taken & edited by me with a healthy dose of pineapple inspiration by Priya. Anyways, enjoy the first of this series & do go see the show. *cheers*

P/s: do full view, the thumbnail's itty bitty ;p

Prakash & Rachel...hmms
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