Monday, December 31, 2007
Ever Ever After

Leanne + Nat, Sydney 2007 - Here's to your happily ever after. Thanks for sharing a bit of your fairytale with me :)

"Storybook endings, fairy tales coming true,

Deep down inside we want to believe they still do,
And a secret is taught, it's our favorite part of the story
Let's just admit we all want to make it true.."
- Ever Ever After by Carrie Underwood (from the Enchanted OST)

I just saw Enchanted the movie and i have to admit that i've been reminded once again how absolutely besotted i am by the idea of fairytales. After all these years, Disney has finally redeemed itself and proved that Disney magic still exists... seriously, call me a fluff-ball but i left the theater with a deep urge to waltz, twirl and spontaneously break into song.

Maybe i was brainwashed as a child, maybe i'm idealistic, maybe i'm just plain naive but i still believe in ever ever after..

..and so, on this warm and lonely night before the night before the new year, i sit by my window, hum a little tune, look out at the world in blind hope and wonder; and wish upon a star that my prince charming is somewhere out there wishing on a star for me too..

*cue: camera pan out into a wide angle shot of a glittery star-speckled sky; cue: fairy dust; fade to black*

-the end-

P/s: Prince Charming, if you're somewhere out there reading this - yes, i want the tiara, the dress, the stardust, the waltzing and the pony too ;) - tra la..
Friday, December 14, 2007
Virtual Vandalism

Little hearts on the streets of Kiama, Australia.

i heart you..
i don't want to but i do..

Blogs are kinda like street art. You can say want you want to and need to say in the most public way and still stay discreet. It's that outlet for all the pent up things you want to say. It listens, it understands, it willingly accepts all the linguistic regurgitation you throw its way.

Sometimes i reckon my blog knows me better than most people do. I tell it when i'm sad, when i'm happy and when i'm drifting somewhere in between. I tell it when i need a break, when i feel broken and when i finally break free... and all the while, still maintaining the ambiguity of the truth.

Forget camwhoring, cryptic blogging is the way to go. It's easier than etching a statement into the back of a toilet door and more sanitary too. When you think about it, blogs are rather like virtual vandalism victims. We carve into them our random thoughts, musings, opinions, feelings, aspirations, confessions, confusion, perversions, fears, anger, belief - anything that tells the world that "Hey, guess what? Grace was here - she has something to say and she wants you to know that."

It's simple really. On some level, all we want is someone to hear what we have to say..
and with virtual vandalism, we don't actually have to say it to say it.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007
One Giant Leap

Werns, Dina, Jerms & Dale - Kiama, Australia

One giant leap towards the unknown
and i'm not sure what i'll see at the top...

These days it seems like every time i smile outside, i sigh inside.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Transitions - The Australian War Memorial, Canberra, Australia.

Each season in life comes and goes like the light of day..
giving us a changing perspective of constant things..

I hate goodbyes.
I hate transition periods.

They always leave me in this rather contemplative mood. A state of mind that straddles between acceptance of the fact that change is inevitable and in denial of the fact that things have to change. I suppose everyone moves on eventually. People meet and have good times together then move on and have good memories together.

It seems like each time i've finally figured out how things are working in my life, circumstances change to throw me back into having to start over again.

I'm sitting here with my sketch pad drawing a corner in my room. Even as i draw i can see the shadows shifting, the colours transforming, the intensity of the light rising and falling in rhythm with the passing clouds. As i watch this day pass it seems at once familiar and strange.

So i sit
i watch
i revel in the moment

then i let it go.

Tomorrow there will be a new sunrise, a new sunset, a new passing day. It will be with me for but a moment then pass me by..

and so life goes on..

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