Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Behind Blue Eyes

This was actually my fav shot of the day...took it almost without thinking. There's something quite lonely and forlorn about this single pillar, trapped behind these bars that appeals to me at the moment..

*once again the thumbnail here is puny so click here *
Dewan Philharmonik Orkestra Malaysia II

Standing in the stark, modern waiting area, one would never guess that the hall inside would be so warm and inviting...
Dewan Filharmonik Orkestra Malaysia I

Thought i'd take a break from the wedding pics and post some other stuff fer a while.. i was just going through some shots i took last year during my site visit to Dewan Philharmonik Orkestra Malaysia (MPO) since Benji's friend wanted to have a look at em and i realised that i haven't posted anything from that trip yet! hmms talk about procrastinating.. anyways, since i was going through em, thought i'd post some just for kicks.. it's such a lovely hall &, like amny things in life, when you observe and understand the significance of the details, you'll be able to appreciate it's beauty even more..
Thursday, July 21, 2005
Sunrise Sunrise

I really couldn't decided which version of the pic i liked best so i just made em into a panel ;) i'm leaning a bit more towards the one in the middle though or the b & w one.. hmms anyways i really liked the glow of morning light that was streaming through the windows..

p/s: Click here to see a full view of this panel on my deviant art site. The full view here is puny and the thumbnail here is even puny-er ;p
Morning Light

ok i promise no more boxers :) .. This rather dreamy shot is of the beaded silk train of Michelle's wedding gown.. i just loved the way the soft folds reflected the subtle colours of the morning light, streaming through the window..
Tuesday, July 19, 2005
I AM wearing boxers, see...

This "sneak preview" shot should've come before the whole song and dance set but i JUST developed my film photos.. yes yes.. been procrastinating a bit heh.. anyways after a lil break from posting i'm gonna be loading some stuff here again :) yay..
Trick or Treat

I have copyright on these boxers too! *lol* since dear Andrew wanted me to post a close-up of his trick or treaters (which, he apparently has been waiting patiently for, if i recall accurately, five years to wear *eep*), here they are..

p/s: So how'd you like em Andrew? Photoshopped it a bit for your benefit *hehehe* kidding..
Friday, July 08, 2005
No More Blue Boxers

FINALLY... just when you thought you'd seen enough of em in their boxers, Michelle takes pity on them and, with a gracious wave of her gloved hand, allows them to pass through to the next stunt. Level 1 complete :)
The Dance

All they did was ask them to sing and strip.. i guess they had so much fun doing it that they decided to add in a lil dance as well.. No complains there... more incriminating photos for future blackmail! *cue evil laugh* muahahahah..
Thursday, July 07, 2005
On The Count of Three...

I really do wonder whether there was any pre-chip-san-leong practice for this stunt. They were preeeeeeetty synchronised with each other and with the music.. hmms... one does wonder...
Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Where's The Love?

Just in case you couldn't (or didn't want to) view a closeup of those luurvly blue and orange boxers...

The head "negotiator" for the groom's party couldn't wait to show off his purrty silk boxers.. Those lil orange words spell out "LOVE LOVE LOVE" hahah.. you can see the boom box they drove into the driveway to blast out the chosen song. WeeEeee.. i'm sure the neighbours must've been peeking out their windows wondering what on earth these crazy people were doing stripping outside on a sun shiny Friday morning.
You Can't Hurry Love

Wu Han and his entourage of pink flamingo groomsmen looked so sharp in their suits and pink shirts (*aww*) . The whole "macho" aura didn't last long tho. Upon arrival, they were promptly ordered to strip down to their boxers and ties to serenade Michelle as their first challenge of the day.

To truly appreciate the next few pics, please click here to play the song that was chosen for their little strip down. It's "You Can't Hurry Love" .. such a brilliant song choice! Woo-hoo! Just that bit perky, campy and fun enough for this stunt *lols* i could barely shoot anything *heh* laughing too hard ;)
Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Curtain Call

And now, the technicolour splendour of a Chinese wedding...
Daddy's Little Girl

"There's two things I know for sure:
She was sent here from heaven and she's daddy's little girl
As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes and
I thank god for all the joy in my life
Oh, but most of all

For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer;
sticking little white flowers all up in her hair;
"Walk beside the pony, Daddy, it's my first ride."
"I know the cake looks funny, Daddy, but I sure tried."
In all that I've done wrong I know I musthave done something right
to deserve a hug every morning and butterfly kisses at night...

...She'll change her name today
She'll make a promise and I'll give her away
Standing in the bride-room just staring at her
She asked me what I'm thinking and I said
"I'm not sure -I just feel like I'm losing my baby girl."
She leaned over &..

Gave me butterfly kisses with her mama there,
Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair
"Walk my down the aisle, Daddy - it's just about time."
"Does my wedding gown look pretty, Daddy? Daddy, don't cry!"
Oh, with all that I've done wrong I must have done something right

To deserve your love every morning and butterfly kisses -
I couldn't ask God for more, man this is what love is.
I know I gotta let her go,

but I'll always remember
every hug in the morning and butterfly kisses... "

- Bob Carlisle, Butterfly Kisses

At times when i was photographing Michelle with her parents, the emotions just felt so intense that i felt like i was intruding on too personal a moment. Eventhough the room was packed with friends and relatives all happily snapping away, for that brief second, nobody else existed - time stood still and Michelle and her dad were the only two people in the room..

[p/s: Full view this pic please.. the thumbnail is a lil too dark]
Tea For Two

"Tea for two and two for tea.. Me for you and you for me.."

So maybe that song has absolutely nothing to do with the mood of this pic but oh well, since it's bopping about in my head right now, i might as well post it. They had a private tea ceremony with just the bride and her parents before the groom arrived.. a very touching experience as the parents acknowledged that their darling little daughter was now a woman - a bride.
Woman to Woman

In the midst of all the buzz around them, Michelle and her mother shared a quiet moment of their own - woman to woman.

Since i still can't get my Cheer 2005 pics out of the camera, i think i'll just continue with the wedding pics :)

If you see the amount of pics i originally took of Michelle's dress, you will know how much i adored it.. gorgeous gown. I was especially taken by the delicate laces behind her beaded corset. She, of course, carried it with the utmost elegance.. in my opinion, a spot on pairing of a bride and her ideal wedding gown. I don't think anyone present there would have disagreed ;)

*floats away on a cloud..*
Monday, July 04, 2005

*Rancangan ini tergendala sekejap*

Okay i know that it's weird to interupt the sentimental wedding picture series with this but i just couldn't sleep without posting something about CHEER 2005 and the fact that BLITZERZ were named the NATIONAL 1st RUNNER-UPS!! Woo-hoo!! i'm just ecstatic for them they really really worked so hard for it.. all very drama-like.. The silence before the announcements, the disappointment with not getting 3rd place (which they thought was their only shot at placements), their joy when named for 2nd place winners.... lols... there were much tears shed by the cheerleaders, friends, family, teachers and supporters. Everyone in the stadium was swept up in a sea of blue as Blitzerz supporters invaded centre stage hehe. i will post more about it when i can finally load my pics out of the cam (my battery and charger died see.. so everythings stuck in the camera *sob*) .. but for now this is a lil thingy i helped them do for their supporter t-shirts (which allowed any Blitzerz supporter to be spotted from half way across the stadium - kinda cool actually. the first thing you notice when you get in the stadium is this BIIIIIIG mass of blue with bobbing heads.. *smells like team spirit*) .

So wedding pics and Cheer 2005 pics are gonna be popping up at confusing intervals.. do excuse me for that... i'm rather confused about which happy buzz i should indulge in first.. eeeeEeEeeeee... lovely lovely weekend.

*jumps up and down*

(Oh yeah, btw if you're wondering why i'm so excited about this team, it's cos my darling lil sis it the captain of the squad. Just realised that i haven't mentioned that yet :) and also a big thanx to Arthur for "obliging" to pose as the screaming guy on the t-shirt design )
Sunday, July 03, 2005
A Kiss to Build A Dream On

"Give me a kiss to build a dream on
And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss
Sweetheart, I ask no more than this
A kiss to build a dream on...

Give me your lips for just a moment
And my imagination will make that moment live
Give me what you alone can give
A kiss to build a dream on.."

On the way back after the wedding dinner, Greg had this song playing in his car.. it's been stuck in my head the whole night. In quite a dreamy mood right now.. just so so happy for the both of them :) This shot was taken during the ceremony on Friday. It has a particularly traditional wedding portrai-ty feel to it i think ;) reminds me of those pics of my great grandma on her wedding day... *ahh...*

[p/s: Michelle & Wu Han so so so sorry that the pic in the frame didn't quite turn out like this.. the printer tried but he just couldn't get the colours and tones right :( will try looking for one that can print a better one ks? Hope you like the frame though. Mandy sends her love. Congrats again you two :) ]
Prelude to a Dream 2

The excitement was infectious as her veil was fastened, flowing train fluffed and pearls arranged as everyone went about last minute preparations in anticipation for the arrival of the groom and his entourage.
Prelude to a Dream

A quiet moment for Michelle as her bride's maids added the finishing touches to a master piece..
Tea Cups

Ooh been so snap-happy these past two days. On Friday i went to help out Michelle & Wu Han with some picture taking for their tea ceremony & "fetching-of-the-bride" ritual (i keep forgetting the Chinese name for this ritual ;p ). Been quite a while since i've dug out my trusty SLR camera and, for that matter, my digi cam as well. Felt sooooo good to hold my two babies (*ahem* cameras..) again.

What "Chinese Tea Ceremony" photo series would be complete without pics of the tea set? Most of what i shot with my digi cam earlier in the day was in sepia tones.. something about the olden-day kinda feel of these tones that i think links to the ancient roots of this ritual. You can tell i already had this lovely little buzz in my head.. :)