Thursday, October 18, 2007
OK, right...
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Sydney street stories.
"...and time moves on like a train, that disappears into the night sky." - This Old Love' by Lior

'Tis a tad bit sad when..
you have to read you friend's blog to find out what's really going on in their heads.

While mindlessly procrastinating doing work, i decided to blog hop my friends' blogs on my link list. Admittedly i don't blog read everyday as i'd like to think that ACTUAL human contact says much more than reading something online... i was wronggg...

It seems that for some unexplainable strange reason, people tend to be more open and vulnerable (albeit a tad ambiguous sometimes) in a public blog or facebook/friendster/myspace/(insert online friend network name here) post than they are in person.

There's an odd sense of relief in admitting your true feelings and thoughts for all the world to see. Somehow, doing that via some text/pictures/html code gibberish posted online makes it easier... distant... safer...

We trade letters for emails, calls for instant messages, hugs for digital "pokes" (what's a facebook poke anyways?? O_o"), real smiles for emoticon ones... and yet intentions are true and we are probably more likely to express those intentions now that an alternative (and less scary) medium exists..

We are a strange people.

Very strange indeed.

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Monday, October 08, 2007
Broken Doors and Open Doors

Taken at Pekeliling Flats, KL.

Sometimes we bust down doors
only to realise that we needed them there after all...

Life's strange that way. We spend so much time trying to get to the other side of that door and when we get through it, it's not quite what we expected.

Life's strange that way.


It's quiet out; and
i hear my thoughts; they
ripple through silences; that
mark miles of space; still
flitting in spasm; on
my window pane; are
wandering musings; of
passion and pain.

It's so crisp and quiet out tonight that i felt somehow obliged to take a short break from doing work to stick my head out of the window and think. From my window i watch the lights in nearby shops and apartments go out - one by one. The shadows move, live, breathe - then they are no more. As i watch the world go by, watch these ppl live their lives, i wonder what they're thinking, what they're feeling, who they are, whether they're looking out their window wondering the same thing. My thought run to random ppl across the globe and i imagine a young African boy waking up in a dessert land, looking out the window squinting at the bright morning sun, getting ready for a long day helping his father mind the animals - to an old woman in China sitting in a rocking chair staring out of her weathered wood windows, listening to old chinese records with the hum and click of a standing fan in the background - to a young Greek fisherman returning home from a bout out at sea, looking out the porthole in his boat thinking about his beautiful bride-to-be waiting eagerly for his return..

The list goes on and i imagine all these people, sharing this one moment with me - a moment of looking out a window and just thinking, just wondering if any one out there is thinking of us too.

And as i look out my window into the clear dark Sydney sky, the enormity of everything around reminds me how big a difference a little perspective makes on the way we see things. Things always look different when we finally see the bigger picture.

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