Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Table Talk

Every truly chinese event must, of course involve food. While the happy in-laws were breakfasting downstairs, i sneaked up and took a pic of (everyone's receding hairline's! *heheh* oops) everyone happily eating ;) MmmMmmsss those jam tarts were delicious!
Roses III

My aunt got married!! the last one of my mom's sisters to wed... and no that's not her in the pic, that's my lovely coz again. We were all chilling at my grandma's place, playing round with the bouquet of roses when i snapped this one :) i think she looks soo sweet in it.. *awww* picture pretty as usual all these photogenic cousins of mine *sigh* hehe...
Happy Birthday Baby

Sometime early Nov, my lovely coz celebrated her birthday... so what if she's a big girl now? she's still mommy's little girl :) "Happy Birthday Baby.."
Friday, November 26, 2004
It has been AGES since i properly posted anything here!! *argh* but semester is finally over so holidays here i come! *woo-hoo* heheh.. pls excuse my excitement it's just that when you live under a rock for a while, it's nice to come out and see sunshine (ok ok so i'm in an extrememly lame mood right now, but it's all good :) )

Anyways, i have LOADS and LOADS and LOADS of pics that have pilled up over the past few weeks and once i've sorted through em all, i'll be back on track posting :) That is, if i can extract myself from the couch in front of the TV long enough to sit at the comp ;)

Oh well, i'll stop babbling for now and continue this another night, morning, day.. whatever.. wEEeeEEeeeEeeEeEEEeeEEe!!!
Sunday, November 07, 2004

DETAIL - chair 2
Saturday, November 06, 2004
Facade 1

FACADE - James Wines Gallery
Design Project - Sem 3
Thursday, November 04, 2004
Paper Wings

"it all falls to pieces in the end.."

(Photo credits to Andrew)

Been at the drafting table for most of the week :p needed a break so decided to play round with this shot of my fallen angel ;)

Nothing much, just photoshopped it a bit.. okay, alot. Pity the original image quality wasn't high enough so the shot pixelises when enlarged : "( Oh well, till my next (again, as usual, extrememly back-dated) post.. *cheers*