Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Charmed, charmed life.
The experience of movement is a profound thing that
is only surpassed by the experience of being moved..

When you get down to it, all each of us really wants is to find that one thing that moves us - that one thing that makes sense of it all and makes it all matter. The need to feel, to connect, to experience and to know is a steady undercurrent that subtly drives all that we do.

These past few days i've been feeling rather charmed by the idea of spending endless hours immersed in alternate realities through dreams at night and daydreams during stolen moments in the day. Strangely i've started noticing that while the validity and reality of these alternate experiences may be questionable, they are becoming increasingly important as a part of my daily life. It's almost as if by taking concious notice of my subconcious, i've opened up the possibility of being a part of this whole other parrallel life.

In time, i'm certain that life will pick up pace again and leave me little time to indulge in such reverie but in the mean time, i shall make the most of it. Good night and do have thoroughly memorable dreams.

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Blogger Rachel said...
shes back in writing...what happen to the cook-out?the get-together?
dont hide grace.
u write amazingly.
i love it.

Anonymous Ray said...
yey new material! i miss your writing ler =)

ah, such is he parrallel life..