Wednesday, September 24, 2008
what ever will be will be.
Entity Dance Collective - Leigh
The lovely Leigh from Entity Dance Collective - Click on the pic, full-view is a must!

The slowest minutes and the fastest days

collide and meet in the strangest ways..

At times, it makes sense for the situation to not make sense. Sometimes, i think the best thing one can do is to just sit back and let life just happen. After all, it seems our lives are too coincidental to be coincidences, too random to really be random. Times like these i'm grateful that i believe in God, in divine intervention, in destiny, in hope and that ultimately, regardless of what i decide or do, whatever will be will surely still be.

Que sera sera
Reasoning won't get you very far
Best look life in the eye
and watch it go by
while reveling in a soliloquy
knowing that whatever will be will be..

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Blogger σοφια said...
keep snapping grace! lovely pics..

Blogger Abdul.Hadi said...
Aye i know this is pretty random but I just happen to cross your site and I must say your picture are beautiful. LOL! Seriously cool pics!

Blogger Grace Tham said...
heya soph :).. thanks dearie

hadi: heh random is good :) thanks for dropping by!