Saturday, May 20, 2006
Just Keep Swimming...

How lovely it must be to spend your whole day flying around in the garden, sucking nectar and smeeling flowers...

Ok.. i must post less depressing posts. Between the mood swings and the full-blown assault on my tagboard, i think some people are getting scared of this blog *heh*.

Saw a Finding Nemo commercial jsut now and the thought struck me.. it would be lovely to be like Dory for a while.. 2 second memory.. "just keep swimmnig, swimming, swimming..."

Life moves on and you jsut go on moving with it. i try. i still get this pit type feeling in ym gut when i think about it but i try ;p

*Must think happy thoughts* - must keep busy so i don't think so much about it..
Wednesday, May 17, 2006
The shit has officially hit the roof...

I had a good long cry today - it's been a long time coming. I'm tired, confused, angry and just generally frustrated with myself at the mo. No biggie. End of semesters are usually disaster zones anyways.

Two more weeks...

I don't know if i should be scared crapless that i only have 2 weeks till finals or whether i should be happy that i'll finally be (actually at this time, it's more like "hopefully be") leaving LKW Cyberjaya.. A little sad too i suppose. For all the complaining that we lkw students do, we actually really love uni - at least the people there la. *sigh* One of those 'transitional' phases again la.

Life goes on. Sometimes, a little faster than we expect. But still...

Taken quite some time ago before i even knew how to photoshop. Found it while browsing through my old files. Model: Dharaj
Friday, May 12, 2006
"When my life is through
And the angels ask me to recall
the thrill of them all
Then I shall tell them
I remember you..."

-Diana Krall, I Remember You

Was just mucking about at Aaron's place when he decided to finally pick up his guitar again after who knows how many years... it's a lovely one, black with a mirror front. Gave me a chance to play around with me super macro mode again (yay!) I watched some video tutorials (they're God sent) about how to do Lith photo finish effects for a shot and tried em out a lil on these too.. personally i think they're a lil too... pink but oh well - saya amat malas ;p

P/s: On a completely unrelated note, i've updated the side bar with some tags and shameless "VOTE me!" links.. do check em out and drop a hi on my guest map oks? *cheers*

He said he didn't remember how to play.. but you never forget something you love.


Licensed to thrill..
*Cue mysterious intro music that completely gives away the fact that something weird is gonna happen*

Fact of the Day:
Did you know that all of Grace's Initials are located in a square on the keyboard?? Check it out.. GTHY *coolness* hehe...

Maybe my parents just looked at the keyboard (typewriter i presume in those days) and decided "hmm, we don't know what to name her, let's just go with the letters that are grouped together in a pretty pattern" and boom we have my name. hmms.. i must ask them about this.

Check it out... :) my keyboard..

Okay so i have to admit that Aaron's keyboard is nicer than mine la :( *sigh*, pictures don't lie.. unfortunately.
Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Out Walking
While walking in the padi fields one morning, we met...

A school boy...

A shrine keeper...

...and an old man.

Three different lives, three different stories yet each woke up that day under the same sky...
Sunday, May 07, 2006
Watching Nightfall
"Someone told me long ago there’s a calm before the storm,
I know; it’s been comin’ for some time.
When it’s over, so they say,
it’ll rain a sunny day....
..I want to know, have you ever seen the rain
Comin’ down on a sunny day?"

-Creedence Clear Water Revival, Have You Ever Seen the Rain

Today i came home to a magazine article on my comp table about 'heart-sleep connection'... i can guess who conveniently left it there ;p Hmms.. anyways i read it and i found out that apparently, i'm part of the 43% of women these days who often get less than 5 continuous hours of sleep at night, therefore, placing me at an 82% higher risk of having a heart attack one day... *oops* ;p That sorta put me in a bit of a depressed mood until i read further on and found out that approx. 35% of women sleep more than nine hours a day and they have a 57% higher risk of having a heart failure too.

It seems that a mere 22% of us women run a normal risk of heart disease - encouraging.

Made me think a little about how i'm living my life at the moment. Things like where i'm at now in my life, what i'm doing, what i want to do, when i plan to do it, what kind of person i am and what kind of person i hope to be, if i keep promising to do what i want tomorrow, will there be tomorrow ... just questions i suppose - not in a particularly morbid way either just in a sort of an 'i-wonder-what-everyone-will-be-like-at-our-20-year-high-school-reunion' way.

Life in a sense is like wildfire (n. - Lightning occurring without audible thunder) - you might not always get what you expect.

Sometimes, that's not a particularly bad thing either.

*just thinking...* :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Not an Ordinary Morning...
"All I can say is that the Velvet Underground is great,
And I'm sitting watching puddles gather rain,
And all I can do is just pour some tea for two,
And maybe even speak my point of view,
But it's not sane, no - It's not sane..."

- Dave Matthews Band, No Rain

You know there's something wrong when the only green you see is on your computer screen...

Finally went out and saw the sky today... cool. Been holed up in my room for the past couple of days like a crazy person. If there's one thing i discovered over the past few days, it's that music from movie soundtracks make EXCELLENT background music when you're working late through the night. I used to listen to jazz but i think i've listened to my cds so much that i now get distracted by jazz. So by a fluke accident, i started playing movie soundtrack music instead.. and it worked!! Kinda puts me in an artsyfartsy mood too - always a good thing when you're stuck in the middle of doing your design work.

Some OST's i've been listening to:
  1. The Constant Gardener (Alberto Iglesias) - beautifully lyrical music that's just so so so sad... one of the better soundtrack albums i've heard so far*sniff*
  2. Memoirs of a Geisha (John Williams) - Evokes daydreams of misty Japanese mornings with dew heavy in the air, paper lanterns blowing in the breeze and fresh garden smells... *ahhh*
  3. Crash (Mark Isham, Bird York, Stereophonics) - The stoner blend. It's a 'walking down the street with my headphones on, my hands in my pockets and my hoodie up' kinda album :)

Needless to say, this pic is something like what i imagined when listening to 'A New Name..A New Life' from OST - Memoirs of a Geisha.

*Take a deep breath, and float away into the rising sun...*

There's this amazingly cheap way to simulate a softening filter effect when you don't have one...just fog up your camera lens *hee* - happened by accident but i liked the effect so i didn't wipe the lens :)