Sunday, October 30, 2005
Yellow Boxes

i FINALLY got round to burning all the photos that i loaded off my camera onto the comp at work into a CD... haha long jibberish of a sentence there. In simple (and proper) English, all the shots that were stored away on my comp at work are now happily loaded onto my comp at home *yay*... this shot i took during the Birthday lunch our department had for Leong, ms. Lim and i @ Souled Out, Hartamas. More to come :)
Thursday, October 27, 2005
Super Fly

Terry practicing his backflip @ Kiara Park. Since there wasn't any gym class that day, some of the capo guy went to the park to pratice stunt.. *sighs* which reminds me - i can't do any :( Tried this balancing move in class today and ended up tumbling quite a few times *argh!!* Anyways, i had my camera with me so instead of flopping at the stunts in front of everyone at Kiara Park, i hid (safely) behind my cam and snapped away..
Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The bride waiting for her groom to arrive before the day's ceremonies begin.

Another shot taken at Leong's wedding..
The 100 Ringgit Manicure

Since i'm home sick today i decided to clean up my comp.. i have waaaay too much unsorted stuff on it. As i was going through my photos folder i started editing some shots again. This one was taken at my colleagues wedding some time ago. I have some fascination with hands during weddings - perhaps because of the fact that one is actually, quite literally offering their hand in marriage.. hmms oh and p/s: I apoloise for the lousy title.. i'm not feeling too articulate today *bleh*
Saturday, October 22, 2005

More capo! *wheEEeeEEeee..* I liked the angle of this one where both their legs were angled the same way.. almost like they were dancing :)
My Confession

I have a confession to make... i have a weakness - several actually. Each one progressively more sinful than the last.. *lols* Right now, i'm sitting here after a nice healthy sugar fix of one large caramel popcorn serving so i decided, why not post some pics of the lovely & utterly sinful stuff i have been indulging in lately? *heh* it's been a while since i've posted bout food anyways (ironically, that's all i used to post about when i first started) so i went through my folder of lovely food and found this.. Oreo Cheesecake & Tirimisu @ Marmalade, Mont'Kiara. It's a bad bad thing that this shop is just across the street from where i work ;p *melts..*
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Walk On By

This is something from a shoot we did at the Kiara Park in TTDI a looong time ago. A lil boy was walking by the pond feeding some fish, just sort of dreaming his evening away. He looked as if he was thinking about everything and nothing all at once but strangely i just enjoyed watching his feet - watching him walk back and forth was quite calming :)
Evil Glow..

I've really been neglecting my poor blog page *blek* have been finding it rather hard to sit down in front of my comp and edit pics lately as i've been running around quite a bit. Anyways i was just toying round with my camera at work during lunch break and i decided to shoot my colleagues computer.. i was trying to sleep my lunch hour away but the dang computer kept glowing at me *argh*. I thought the colours were so cool (albeit a little bright) so i snapped away :)
Sunday, October 09, 2005
Greg Lyons @ Alexis Ampang

Angelita Li was accompanied an All-Star Malaysian band including Lewis Pragasam on drums, Greg Lyons on saxophone, Michael Veerapen on keyboards and Andy Peterson on bass. Amazing stuff.. really. I was having such a good time that i didn't want to leave...
Angelita Li @ Alexis Ampang

Ooh last night Andy and i went for this jazz performance at Alexis Bistro Ampang and it was amazing! Between the awesome band, the lovely tiramisu and my Mojito, i had a blast. The performance featured Angelita Li, a Hong Kong jazz singer who delivered some impressive vocals.. nice :)
Thursday, October 06, 2005

This guy is definately getting flipped over.. *ouch*
Formado Gringo

Okay..i can't remember whether Formado Gringo was throwing someone over his back or someone was flipping over him in this pic.. there were just too many flipping (and falling) people that day..
Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Bantus Australia

For some reason, everyone in this pic has such varying expressions. I find that quite amusing, really.. A shot of Grupo Bantus Australia..and some stowaways ;)
Bantus Japaõ

It's been a while since i've posted anything..yes, yes with my über hip and happening life i just haven't got time for posting *lols*. But seriously, just been procrastinating for a long time ... as usual. Anyways, if you're not sick of capo pics yet, you will be when i'm done with this series.. if i'm ever done with this series, that is. Dont' think i've EVER finished any series ;) Has a sort of 'eclectic artist' feel, me thinks.. you know, all 'art is never finished, merely paused by circumstance and intervined by time'... i know, i am feeling rather lame ;p Do bear with me. It'll wear off eventually.

A group shot of as many Grupo Bantus Japaõ capoeiraistas as we could rally amidst the chaos of the day. Miss you guys :)