Monday, October 25, 2004
Serious Stuff II

This crazy lil indon boy is so into his winning shot. heh.. they say it has something to do with the final "ker-tak" sound of the speeding ball smashing victoriously into the goal hole.. you could say that it hits the spot.. ;) (corny pun fully intended)
Lil Yellow Men

Regardless of my inability to grasp foosball, i still have to say that i really really like the lil foosball men. *heheh* they're so cute! They remind me of lil army soldier toys all lined up, happily marching along.. hup-2-3-4-huP! :)
Serious Stuff

For the life of me i cannot understand why people are addicted to foosball. Seriously. Football, ok that i can sorta kinda almost get... foosball?? *heh* don't get me wrong i think it's fun and all... but you play, you score.. that's it, right? no? heh oh well..

You step into Breakers and you can sense that there's something veeeeery different about the foosballers there. This is no kiddy game. It's serious stuff. Serious stuff...

Anyways, if you zoom in (and i'm sorry but i don't think i loaded the full size image) you can see me in the window reflection heh.. my very own cameo.... *cheers*
Friday, October 22, 2004
Roses II

"Roses really smell like ooh ooh ooh..."
*this space intentionally left blank*

For some strange reason, Yi Khai has this funny look on his face whenever he's near ice cream *heh* if there's anyone who can rival me regarding that subject it's him alright.. "i bow to thy royal ice-cream-i-ness"
Happy Birthday to Me...

Happy birthday to me, happy birthdya to me, la la la...

heh oks so my bday's already over but i can still sing to me ;) *ahhhhh* Went to Swensons for ICE CREAM for me bday *mmMmMmM* yes yes you must be sick of me talking about ice cream by now but gimme a break ok? i have ice cream with candles in em as a cake :) lemme have my fun ;)

Friday, October 15, 2004
Over Still Waters

There are two bridges in Putrajaya.. they're both beautiful.. i've never seen Cyber/Putra at night so i was pleasantly surprised that it could look this beautiful... love the way the lights streak across the quiet lake...
Burn Baby Burn

i love fire. i really really do. love to watch it glow. love to feel the warmth. love to see the flame dance, the shadows play, the embers fly..
Bomoh Dudes

These crazy boys got a bit hyper when the they got the fire started hehe... "me man, me make fire.."

yeah, right :)

anyways my apology again for dodgy photo quality but the lighting sucked ok?? :( *eep*

Last Fri we had a Lakeside BBQ @ Cyber Heights for Val's bday.. the brige (Putrajaya) and skyline looked so picture perfect from across the lake... so serene and postcard perfect :)

This shot has been majorly cropped so sorry bout the dodgy photo quality, i still liek the puuuurty lights tho :p
Say CHeEeEeeSe!!

After that, went to Burger King for a while and Mexican shot this freaky pic of himself hehe... i kinda like it tho. Looks like BK's version of the McD's "i'm lovin it" ad campaign. Looks like he's gonna makan my camera ;) oh yeah if you've already seen the pic below and you're wonderin where i am in it.. *duh* i'm not there i'm behind the camera :p that pic is of the maculele after the roda :)

You know what? if i were to list down all the pics i 'meant' to post, it would take me forever to post em all ;p heh.. procrastination has got the better of me, unfortunately. Oh well, i'll just take my time with the postings la.

This shot is from waaaaaaaaay (ok so maybe only a couple weeks) back then... the Capoeira performance @ One Utama.. my first public roda.. no make that my first roda EVER :p heh so ok, i didn't really do much but hey, at least i went up there.. was scared stiff because there were lotsa ppl there and it was on stage and and and and.... i'm so pathetic.. hehe but it was kinda a nervous-breakdown sorta way i suppose *hmms* .
Wednesday, October 06, 2004
The Piano of Alicia Keys

After the concert we ulu people went down to the stage to ooh-ed and ahh-ed at the sound equipment. You gotta love Alicia's custom-made Yamaha grand piano.. it's gorgeous - sounds superb too.. and guess what? I sat at her piano.... jumped up on stage and sat at her piano!! Yeah great timing too, my cam went dead for real.. battery completely exhausted *sigh* so i have no actual photograhic proof of me sitting at Ms. Key's piano :( hmm maybe i should super-imposed myself there.. ehheh
Alicia Keys World Tour 2004@KL

Unfortunately, i only managed to snap a few quick shots but trying to focus in that light, from that far away without a tripod, is near impossible.. oh well, i think it was sorta a blessing in disguise actually. Since my cam was quite dead i wasn't so busy watching the concert through the LCD screen.. hehe sometimes, i really do need a break from my cam.. it's a disease i tell you.
Miss Keys

Yes folks, just in case you were wondering, that purple blob is, in fact, Alicia Keys waving at the audience.

I do the stoopidest things.. It's Friday night, it's Miss Keys live in KL and what do i do.. i bring my digicam with NO BATTERY and NO MEMORY SPACE. *sigh* i hate myself...
Purple Haze

Then... on fri night.... wEeEeEEEEee.... hsuz, agnel and i went for Alicia Keys World Tour 2004 right here in KL!!

A couple a years back me and my sis were talking bout what concerts we would really really like to go for.. and both of us immediately said - Alicia Keys. So naturally, we were psyched when we heard she was coming. heh... funny though, i wasn't that excited about it before the actual gig. Good thing too cause when i got there, her performance just blew me away... she's soooo good live. It's amazing, her band is amazing, her back up singers are amazing in their own right, and alicia keys can definately rock the stage. definately.

Gosh, my blog is so back-dated :p heh... anyways last week hsuz came down from malacca with so much food in tow!! *lol* went to check out this Norwegian dance group thing called Flame @KBU.. took this shot there. They're really nice ppl..came all the way from Norway to share with the youth in Malaysia :)
Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Do Not Touch

hehe..went to mont kiara to do a site analysis assignment the other day.. so as i was sitting at the bus stop taking down notes, i noticed this bus stop sign and it thoroughly amused me... *lol* we Malaysians are a decent, law abiding bunch aren't we? We que up before getting on the bus.. and while waiting in line behind a girl, guys, why not do what the bus stop sign suggests? Amazing.. they put up public signs like these and then wonder why girls complain of gropping problems in busses.. it's a funny funny world we live in :p