Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Pink Explosions..
I swore i would never have a..
pink blog..

Please forgive me :)

Heheh.. i was so sick of the old boring template so i attempted to modify a new one. Got some base images from Drogue Design and proceeded to violate them by addings happy graphics and turning them PINK! *whee* It didn't start out that way, the pink sort of just attacked me. The irony is that after spending so much time trying to figure out the html and graphics gibberish, i'm now finally done with the new template, but i'm now also already sick of it!


I'm half considering switching back..

Still white background. Why? Cos i'm too lazy to re-colour all the other words and stuff. Hmm.. maybe i'll start worknig on a new one now..


Monday, November 27, 2006
Of Kids and Kranky Moods..
I was randomly blog hopping when..
I had an epiphany..


I want endorsements and free stuff and lots of site hits and free stuff and advertisement revenues and free stuff and and and... you get the idea. Anyways being the geek that i am, i set forth to find out what it takes to "Have a Famous Blog".

It seems that there are several things you can do or be in order to achieve that status:
  1. Be a bimbo blogger (like, duh..)
  2. Be a HOT bimbo blogger (like, double-duh..)
  3. Be cynical about being Malaysian
  4. Have a famous boyfriend
  5. Love cheese
  6. Have a lot of blogger friends
  7. Camwhore like your life depends (check!)
  8. Post your camwhore pics like your life also depends on it (hmms... we'll have to work on that)
  9. Blatantly advertise for events, venues, products (SONY, i love you!! Please give me a new laptop! I promise to shamelessly advertise for you on my site!)
  10. Party a lot and blog about it (Woo-hoo!)
  11. Eat a lot and blog about it (*burps*)
  12. Have an alter-ego (Finally, something i can work with..)
  13. Product placement, product placement, product placement!!
  14. Post losts of photo comics with healthy smatterings of speech bubbles (not to forget the cute expression *blink blink*)
  15. Sing, dance or act in your very own youtube series (the less talented the better..)
  16. Be Kenny Sia (or i could just abduct him and force him to pimp my site.. *muahaha*)
  17. Be explicit
  18. Sell your soul to the evil blogging devil..
  19. Have a cute nickname
  20. Be already famous (*ish*)
Hmm... this is depressing. I shall crawl back into my little hole in cyber-space now.



Now that i got that out of my system, on to something more fun. PiCtUrEs!! *whee*
Some stuff taken at the Artic Edge VBS 2006@FCT.. I got dizzy just watching the kids run around. Try to follow them with a little viewfinder, you'll get what i mean.. Shooting kids gives me a weird little nostalgic-wistful feeling though. Some of them just have this spark in their eyes that i can't quite discribe. The look of hope, happiness and blissful innocence..


She's such a darling to shoot..

I like sitting on the floor.. chairs are so restrictive don't you think?

Dreaming, learning, creating...

Liling and her son..

"Singsparation" time.. la la la..


More to come :D *cheers*
Saturday, November 25, 2006
In the mood...

The quiet in the stairway watching over the boys as they hurried down towards the light, VBS 2006, FCT.

It feels as if so much has happened..
without much really happening at all...

In my head, i've already blogged about 3 times so far this week.. Each time i get an idea to blog about something, i make a mental note of it in my head, layout the sentences, choose the photos to post.. and after that, i assume, i'm done. I used to do that with my diaries too - i'd make mental entries to my journals and then when it got to time to actually put things into writing, i was already bored *terrible*..

Been working a lot with kids these past few days.. *Ahhh* going crazy!!! Worked hard the past week making props and doing the backdrop/settings for the recent VBS in my church.. HUGE thanx to Ray & KokKeong@SamuraiBoy for their help *hugs* More pics of that to come soon!

All the running around settling my uni stuff for next year was driving me nuts as well *blek* Glad that's done now :)


Mmmms... been on something of a shopping-spree-ish mood the past few days. Nyahaha.. went bought 2 pairs of shoes and some nice little toys for my computer. Checked out some laptops too! So many laptops so little time.. was like a kid in Toys'r'us wei.. *heeee* nice. Headiness was further enhanced by the Lego Star Wars session at Ray's place (so amazingly cute! Go check it out)

*shwong shwong shwong shish boom kerpiang - Monster die - YAY!!!*

then, i got home..

*boosh* happy bubble died...

I found out that the Bantus Brasil Fiesta night was on tonight when i got home and turned on my comp tonight *aih* Please, if you see me, knock me on the head.... I was so looking forward to it :( .. for some reason, i've been itching to go dancing so badly this week - so so SO SO SO badly. Was especially jumpy tonight too. ARGGGHHHHHHHH... GONE, no more samba for me. I shall now procede to go sulk in a corner.

Goodbye world..

Goodnight & goodbye...
Saturday, November 18, 2006
Caught on Camera

IR Grace caught on camera! Thanks to albert for taking the shot :)

It's happening again...
I can't chew or talk properly...

I hate wisdom teeth!!!!!



Anyways.. since i can't really eat anything solid.. decided to indulge in a little pint of pleasure otherwise known as BASKIN ROBBINS! *yays*

Seriously, i honestly believe that there are few things in life that can't be cured by a healthy dose of either ice cream or Famous Amos cookies.. :)

Been so busy lately running around with a thousand things on my mind. Just want to get things settled and done with so i can really really just relax.. *sigh* i miss Bali..
Wednesday, November 08, 2006

To live is but a dream..
Now we are, now we are no more..

For one time is, for another it is no more,
And the silence of existance shatters, glimmers,
Then flows back into the stream of life
The constant cycle of eternal consiousness and temporal sleep
With the promise of meeting again
At another moment in time..

In loving memory..

Mirror Mirror

Self-reflection in more ways than one..

It's sorta reached a point where..
I'm just gonna jump and hope for the best..

You know that feeling you get when you're nervous and excited and everything in between all at the same time? Yeah.. that's what it feels like now. Got some things that have been brewing and brewing for some time and i'm starting to get them settled now. Always a good thing :)

More or less decided on where i'm headed to next year. Will blantantly post about it once everything's gone through.. Got another photog project in the works too! Will also blatanly post on that once it gets on the way. *Predicts exciting times ahead!* *whee*


Meanwhile.. some pics from Comedy Freeflow@Actor's Studio Bangsar. While i whole-heartedly applaud their intentions and efforts in staging this gig.. i have to say that though i went in there without expectations, even my non-expectations were not met :( Anyhoo, i entertained myself through it all by snapping pics of the audience..

Kaypopotamus and his camera.. for some reason the place was crawling with photog with scary camera gear that day *click click click*

Another random person in the audience whom i found more interesting to shoot then what was going on on stage..

Hmm.. i like it better this way :D
Saturday, November 04, 2006

and all we can do is ride the wave..

meaning: (French) Undulating...

Sometimes, i wish i didn't have to feel as such..
Wednesday, November 01, 2006
black and white

Matthias has purty eyes...

I like black and white images...
there's black, there's white, then there's the grey in between...

"I dream in techni-colour but i see in black and white"

It hit me the other day as i was talking to a friend - I like black and white images. I like them because without the distraction of colour, we can see things for what they really are. It's like a stripped down version of reality - there's absolute black, absolute white and then there's this vast grey that connects them.

Grey areas.. the indecisive area in between. The unity of extremes, the best of both worlds, the essential connection between the two absolute contrasts. And while most see the black and whites, overlooking the grey.. it is no less essential to the composition as a whole. Without the grey to fill in the blanks in our lives, things wouldn't make much sense. Without the transistions in between, we'd never draw the link from one end to the other. After all, few things in life are ever black or white so why should we see that way?

Yeah, grey is good.