Tuesday, November 20, 2007

From my window, i watch the world go by
i watch as they laugh, as they burn, as they cry - the fire @ Kingsford, 16th Nov '07


to live
to lie
to need
to try

to stop
to breathe
to wait
to leave

to feel
to learn
to steal
to burn

to run
to push
to stray

to hurt
to hide
to keep

the real
the truth
the girl
the me.


Just because you can't see it, it doesn't mean that it isn't there..

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Saturday, November 03, 2007
Postcard Pretty

The Afternoon After - the design studio arvo aftermath...

I love brown paper packages all tied up in string.. and the excitement upon opening to see what they bring!

In a good mood today as you can tell. Semester's not over yet but at least hell week is. Ooh.. and my parcel arrived! I got me a brand new Ricoh Caplio R6 digital camera that i won in a photo contest *whee*.. it's nice and silver and shiny and small enough to fit in a purse or pocket. Haven't decided whether i want to keep it as a spare pocket cam or sell it. Whoo-hoo first real photo comp. i've won *happy dance*

Reviews bout the little Caplio seem pretty good. If anyone's interested in buying it from me, drop me an email ;) ...for now, it's still sitting pretty in its little box, smiling eagerly at me.


Speaking of competitions.. one of my blog readers (ooh i've been dying to say that..) dropped me an email about this kwel competition open to ALL MALAYSIANS. Yeap, it's that easy, if you're Malaysian and you have creative ideas, you can join it. Details as follows:

What: Postcards Competition

by Who:
Apostrophe - a m'sian-based creative organisation aimed at encouraging all things creative back home in good ol' tanah melayu.

just draw, snap, cut, stick, paint or click up something creative based on the theme of "1:30pm" then send it in to them via email or MMS (for digi users). Go check their website for details.

Why should i join:
Winners get an all-expense paid trip to Bangkok and a Sony Ericsson hp.. *woo-hoo*

When: It's on now but closing date's coming up soon on the 16th of Nov, 2007.

Oh yeah, you can enter as many time as you want too (i love that.. it's so hard to pick your faves to submit). Entries can be individual (single) submissions or sets of up to 5 images under the same title. get working people! There can never be too many arts initiatives back home.. and whenever one comes round i get pretty psyched.

Anyways, i'm bookmarking apostrophe - i like.

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Friday, November 02, 2007
Face Value

There is nothing that reveals a person's real personality and maturity more than
spending an intense, stressed and sleep deprived 2 days with them in studio...

There is a strange thing that happens when you chuck a bunch of stressed out, sleepy people in a studio together, lock the door and throw away the keys.

Sometimes, it's absolute magic and people who seem generally subtle and subdued pleasantly surprise you by stepping up to the plate and holding their own under pressure. Other times, one gets to witness the rather spectacular transmutation of a perfectly capable human being into something quite the opposite.

While i much prefer working with people who can up their game when it matters the most, there is also something important that can be learned from working with the later - perhaps something more relevant to both you and the other person as well. After all, part of the learning process in uni is about trying things out in order to discover your strengths and weaknesses as a person - and there is no better way to reveal them than through high-pressure situations like these.

Being under such focussed pressure draws out the most primal instincts in a person. It is during that time that one stops over-thinking or trying to logically analyse things and starts acting instinctively. Some instinctively rise up to the challenge and some don't - it's a simple test of character that still surprises me every time.

Me and design studio - it's a love-hate relationship.

It's my 8th time doing this now..
and yet there is always something new to learn.

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