Wednesday, February 14, 2007
I'm a little red tomato...
Yes, i've been in Australia for four days
and already, i'm sunburnt and fat *sobs* haha...

A few peculiar things i've encountered so far...

-most old Aussie houses don't have locks on their doors.. yeah, no locks on toilet doors either *whoops*

-apples, nectarines and rock melons and figs are actually really juicy fruits.. you wouldn't have guessed after eating all the dry-ish ones back home.

-you can slop on layers of sunscreen but that'll only save you from being sunburnt.. you can still get windburn *blek* and there's nothing much you can do about that.

-the sea may not be crystal clear but for some reason, it's still blue like crazy..

-Outback bush tomato chutney rocks my world...

-it's harder to get a cheap aussie/western meal than a cheap asian meal near where i'm living in Sydney..

-some parts of Sydney are more asian than asia.. (seriously, where else will you find vietnamese, thai, chinese, taiwanese, japanese, korean, indonesian, malaysian, singaporean and indian shops next to each other in a row?? *weird*

-there may be more than 6 platforms and more than 12 tracks in a train station in Syd but each track will still have more than 2 diff trains to diff destinations running on it.. (bye bye days of just finding the right platform and hoping on the next train, now i actually have to count the minutes to the right train *grr*)

In Melbourne now for a bit.. meeting up with Zahra soon me hopes! haven't seen her in a a while.. she needs to take me shopping real soon.. i'm having withdrawal symptoms ;p

Been round only to the outskirts of Melb so far, not really the city centre. Drove down to Geelong & Queenscliff today.. Mmmmsss fresh fish and chips at Princess Park by the beach was lovely.. the deep fried scallops, butterfish, prawns, calamari rings (sotong la but so big) and chips...mMmmMmMsss!!.. heaven wei... they say that Melbourne is the fashion and food capital of Australia.. i'm determined to prove them right :D

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Saturday, February 10, 2007
I Smell The Sea...
My first blog post
from the land down under..

Honestly, i'm a bit too zoned out to really absorb actually being here. It feels quite like KL actually.. highways, buildings, warm weather (it's the same wei... *ish* only a tad bit windier) and i suppose having my family here and staying with family friends kind of buffers off the fact that i'm a few thousand km away from home - omg, the first flower i saw in the garden was a red Bunga Raya*blek*

Maybe tmw when i'm more awake, i'll be able to foray into discovering Sydney more.. hmms but first impression is that the air smells like i'm near water (which i am.. nice!) and the sky is so friggin' blue even when it's cloudy :D

Thanks to everyone who took the time to come by my place and the airport to say bye.. meant alot to me... miss you guys alot :(

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Friday, February 09, 2007
Leaving On A Jetplane
I've been meaning and meaning to post but somehow, i just never found the time to the past few weeks.

I'm leaving on the 10th of Feb (tomorrow) at 6a.m. ...

Flying off to study at UNSW, Australia. Feeling quite numb at the moment though.

Excitement + nervousness = numbness..

i suppose two extreme feelings kind of cancel each other out *blek* The next time i blog, it'd probably be from Sydney. I know this is a lame-O blog post to fill in the gap between my last post and my next post but oh well.. at least i tried. To everyone i didn't get a chance to meet up with before i leave KL, do take care & I'll see you guys soon la...


I miss home already *sighs*

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