Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Red November

"Smoke on the water...and fire in the sky!"

Just as i stepped outside, "BOOM!" the the dark night was set afflame by these red fireworks streaking acros the sky...

This huge explosion reminded me of the Mc Gyver TV series way way way back then... hehe anyone remember that show? i used to love it to pieces..gosh i feel old now :p
Fireworks 1

The place was surprisingly (or not) crowded and the massive audience "ooh"-ed and "ahh"-ed as each burst of light sprinkled the sky with millions of falling stars.
Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka!

Merdeka!!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!! woo-hoo... you give us a public holiday and we'll give you all the 'semangat patriotik' that you want. Went to see fireworks during the countdown last night...have to admit i was quite impressed with the 20 min show... been a while since i saw live fireworks like that...
Sunday, August 29, 2004
Spanish Guitar

The solo guitar bits were really interesting.. a fusion of different styles and flavours united by a jazzy undercurrent that just draws you in.

"...and he played a soft serenade to the moon."
Saturday, August 28, 2004
Jazz Man

Grooveunction really rocked the stage specially when Mia came on stage to sing with them... magic, pure magic. It's just amazing to see these musicians perform with such passion. and of course, the saxaphone was entrancing...

It's friday night and i had a looooooong week of submissions and sleepless nights.. it's time to sit back, get a drink and relax with some good friends at a jazz festival under the stars *ahhh* Cheers!!
Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The wine cellar was really cool.. this glass room with the racks and bottle silhouetted against the warm yellow glow..
Berries n Cream

MmMmmmm.. strawberries and cream...this picture really doesn't require any further explanation.. just *mmMmMmmmMm*
Sushi Spread

Hmm so they finally got the food ready but we STILL had to wait for some people and all.. *sigh* some of us went to scour the buffet table and look longingly at the spread.. i was, of course, drawn immediately to the sushi..so close yet so far away.. :(

On Sat, the cast party was held at Chinoz on the Park. You could tell that we all really missed each other..even though some didn't want to admit it! Oh well, the candles were pretty, the food wasn't ready and i was running round as usual.. *hee*
Sunday, August 15, 2004
Rumble On

Have i mentioned before how much i love taking shots of the rumble scene?? yes.. oh well. it's prob the only time where the people on stage stay (semi) still and also prob the only time when i can relax backstage n not have to rush off for costume changes, hair, cues etc :p

On closing night, my parents were such sweethearts.. they bought me n my sis each a bouquet of bea-oo-tiful lillies from Floristika (which i love!!). The both of em have just been amazingly supportive bout the whole thing.. *awww...* Love you guys!!
Warm Ups

So while everyone's supposed to be warming up singing "mee-ah mee-ah mee-ah..." i'm happily snapping away with my new toy.
Mamak Culture

After the last night of performance, we went to MAKAN again.. i think this is probably why most of us think that we've gained a few pounds over this past week.. *sigh* the things we sacrifice to preserve the sanctity of mamak culture
Mirror Lights

Ok time to go technicolour again!! I was just so excited bout the bulb-by mirror light things you know... there is no point in having dressing tables backstage if they aint got no lights!!

For some reason, my sis deeply hates this picture of her.. i really don't think it's that bad. In fact, i kinda like it..though i doesn't really look very much like her eventhough it is her but not her from the usual viewpoint but you get my point but i don't have a point but nevermind :)

*chomp chomp chomp* hmm so we're not supposed to be eating in the changing rooms but.. oh well :) hmms every one says that Adrene n i look alike... really?? We can't, for the life of us, see why but what do you think?

You gotta love black & white photography.. there's just something about it that just intrigues me so...This is yet another shot of the Rumble scene during the West Side Story segment of the musical.
Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Make up, hair do, costume, stand by....and one..two..three.. you're on!! Mandy, during the make up session before the show.

The girls in our cute lil 70's outfits. Honestly, the combination of high swingy ponytails, glitter, hair spray and nauseatingly bright costumes makes you feel like bouncing around and saying things like "Awe-some!!"
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Monday, August 09, 2004
Pretty In Pink

On opening night, flowers were presented to Chong and San Sooi. These were later dismantled & distributed among the cast members. Playing around with my super macro-mode on my new cam, i took a shot of one of these lonely flowers and preserved it forever in my photograph. Posted by Hello
Panggung DBKL Exterior

In the midday heat, the clear blue sky throws a quiet light on the exterior of the Panggung DBKL. Posted by Hello
At The End Of The Day

When the lights have dimmed and the curtain has closed, the magic of the night fades into reality and finds its place amongst our many memories :) Posted by Hello
Bring Him Home

Tim's rendition of 'Bring Him Home' during the Les Mis medley always gives me goosebumps. A beautiful song coupled with a beautiful voice is just pure magic.. Posted by Hello
All I Ask Of You

Lee Mei and YK doing their phantom duet...

If you notice certain trends in all my stage shots.. they have all been taken from stage right. i was planning on taking shots from stage left the next day.. but.. oh well, since the powers that be didn't want shots taken backstage during the show :p so much for all my plans.

I didn't realise how addicted i was to taking pics till i started seeing frames around certain people or composition when i encountered a good photo op.. i should get some help. Posted by Hello
Yo Mama!

Okay.. so i really didn't want to post this up here for Liang's sake but..but..but... it's just priceless!! Zoom in and take a look at the utter shock & horror on Praveen's face!!

Lip gloss - RM30, Look on Praveen's face - PRICELESS... Posted by Hello
Here's Lookin' At You

Half time gets a lil crazy backstage with the costume changes and everyone running around in these perky bright coloured outfits.. i think the lip gloss and eye shadow really got to some of em *hee* (Sorry Liang, but i just had to post this up here!! So cute!! hahaha..) Posted by Hello
China Doll

While the guys were bellowing out the Rumble, Maria was a picture of serenity in the balcony above the chaos :) Posted by Hello
The Sharks

A shot of Soo Aun & Greg during the Rumble... Posted by Hello
One Hand

"Make of our hands, one hand..." Posted by Hello

A quiet scene during the west side story segment just before maria (michelle) and tony (philip) sing "One Hand, One Heart". Posted by Hello
Snappers Gregors

A moment of mutual understanding as two shutter bugs take pics of each other. Posted by Hello

Hmmm as i was running around backstage as usual, i sneaked into the guys' changing room and snapped their phantom tops hanging there all in a row. *jealous* i want cool tops & capes too!! Posted by Hello