Friday, April 21, 2006
Black and White Days
Technically speaking, if you don't sleep for a whole night and two whole days is it still considered two days or one? *ponders* Anyways, it's almost 3 a..m. and i should be sleeping or doing work but i can't sleep and i won't do work so i'm happily indulging in some good old -fashioned blogging :)

A lil too dazed at the mo to stare at bright colours so i decided to monochrome everything. Things seems simpler in black and white don't they? No fuss, no technicolour life - i miss my black and white days...

Taking you through some backstage and practice shots today..

The lighting crew dudes have such a cute way of communicating when they're setting up *heh* they're adorable..

Dude 1: Light 34
Dude 2: ha...
Dude 1: Light 15
Dude 2: ha...
Dude 1: Cut here..
Dude 2: ha...
Dude 1: Soften more MORE! (bounces around doing little starburst jumps) Move, move (does pantomime of lighting the light patch adn dropping it to the other side)


Dance ballerina dance... Prakash showing off his moves..

So.. auditions for Grease are in the other hall.. *whoops* Was so tempted to put the FAME theme song lyrics on that pic. Had that somng runnnig through my head the whole time i was editing this pic - "FAME! I'm gonna live forever, i'm gonna learn how to fly -HIGH! Remember my name, FAME!"

The girls practicing Couture - How to be a B**** 101 :); Lesson 1.

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