Monday, April 17, 2006
Sudah habis makan..
It's over now. Was only a part of it for a very very very short time but still feel a lil sad ;p Met some lovely people, laughed a lot, learned a lot (Rule no. 1: Never try to man two cameras at once; Rule no. 2: Always figure out how to work your equipment before the lights go out; Rule no. 3: In case you you can't figure out how to use the tripod before lights go out and the camera drops forward during shooting mode, never never EVER swear cos erm.. the camera picks it up *eep*) and most definately had a blast.

But reality check couldn't have come sooner. The moment i stepped out of the theatre, my classmate called me and said "Eh, you got so much time to do filming ah? Have you finished the report for tomorrow???" <*beep* *beep* *beep* crap - die...> report due.. *sighs* *procrastinates by blogging* *decides she's quite dead if she doesn't log off now and finish up the report* I guess it's back to analysing traffic flow for me *whoo-pee-dee-do-da*...

Oh yeah, yet ANOTHER name change for this blog. In my eternal quest to find a half decent name for my site, i have finally come across one that i kinda like - "Click Chick" *heh* i like... and it's all thanx to Sanjiv - thx fer the cute lil card, so sweet :)

Curtain call..
Anonymous Topogigio said...
Does Click Chick come with a superheroine outfit?

Blogger grace_t said...
hahaha well... that's for me know and you never to find out ;)

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