Saturday, April 15, 2006
Just got back from the second night of the play. Have to say that the more i watch it, the more i like it :) The guys sitting in front of me kept turning around and giving me funny looks everytime i started laughing hehe.. *wheeee*

I'm getting a little lazy (and tired) so i'm just gonna post random shots up la.. tiada masa to put them in sets *hee*..

waiting for auntie...



i see dead people... hehe
Blogger Prakash Daniel said...
Grace, once again you have proven that you have that photgraphers look just as Rauf has said..hehehe, bangga la tue...anyway yeah you are doin a wonderful job yeah...and yes come closer ok...chiows

Blogger grace_t said...
Bangga kah? *nods head frantically* muahaha..

But seiously, you guys are so sweet (and crazy) it just makes shooting that bit more relaxed and fun. And about doing a wonderful job, right back at you. *cheers*

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