Sunday, April 16, 2006
Entertaining angels
No particular reason for the title.. just been having songs stuck in my head again the whole day. Thanx to Benji, i now have Unplayed Piano by Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan on permanent replay in my head. It's such a dreamy wistful song.. nice.

Was doing some work and i needed a break from analysing traffic flow (speaking of roads, i suck at reading maps.. got my cousin going round and round kl today on the way to lunch *sigh* "sorry, che..") so i decided to edit a few more pics :)

Empty chairs and empty tables.. the calm before the storm -
Went into the theatre to set up just before the front doors opened. Backstage, everyone was busy praticing lines, touching up making, checking props etc. but on the other side of the heavy black curtains, Cafe Del Mar (Rachel's contribution, i' sure) was playing and the empty hall sat solemnly - waiting in anticipation of the night to come.

Auntie Rachel :) -
" tell me anything, i mo-man-tai. But you call me Auntie three times??" - Rojak Intro

Girl fight -
coolness hahaha..
Anonymous Rachel Lai said...
We-ARE-FAMILY~...."they tax,tax,tax......we pay,pay,,la,la,la......Rojak,i'm gonna miss u guys..(dammit..)

Anonymous R said...
Okie,that comment was suppose to be typed in another box(BIG grin)..heh..GRACE_ie...thnks for the luvly pictures...but auntie did say,Flash photography is not allowed,kan?Muahx n hugs...u been great for supporting all of us..(touched~sobs)..and yes,Cafe del' mar rox me world...Wohoo~!Hope u had a great ride with the cast n crew cause i personally did..Give it up to Grace:the girl who fell on the stairs,on the first day,which managed to make me laugh when i was backstage,feeling all NERVOUS n edgy...he,he,he..then i found out it was none other than my lovely Grace..(giggles)..huggies~

Blogger grace_t said...
hahaha..cute la you. *aiyo..* Rachel, what happens in the theatre, stays in the theatre.. haha..i almost forgot about what happened the first day *sighs* :)

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