Thursday, November 24, 2005
Mr. Caterpillar

The caterpillar roller coaster..
Saturday, November 19, 2005
The Challenger II

More pretty lights from the Challenger ride.. I liked the glow of the lil yellow bulbs and the pretty streaked reflections they threw - purrrty!
The Challenger I

the challenger...
The Challenge

There was this ride, THE CHALLENGER, which everyone tried to get me to ride... being true to my very chicken self, i stayed landed and looked at the pretty lights :)

For my next ride, i really really REALLY wanted to go on the carousel... however no one wanted to join me so *sniff sniff* no merry-go-round for me..

And just incase you're still a little disorientated from all the spinning and feel the unquenchable need to throw up, they have thoughtfully placed this sign next to the exit of this ride and spelled out "restroom" in 3 different languages :)

Until of course i got on the thing and it started spinning like a rabbis-riden-dog chasing it's own tail... ;p

The first ride i went for at the fun fair was this swing thingy.. looked harmless enough i thought..
Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Someday my prince will come..

These Nemo-fish look a little more hopeful what with the ray of light and all - and their smilnig too :)
Please take me home..

Please take me home... These poor Nemo-s were hanging there all looking a bit bored and grim.. poor things i relaly wanted to take one home :)
Top Gun I

They were all trying to get me to sit on this ride, Top Gun, but me, being the chicken i am, decided to hide behind my cam once again
Bling Bling

The moment i stepped into the fun fair, i ditched my camera casing and couldn't stop my shutter finger from clicking away.. i am drawn to lights.. haha i can't help it..
Monday, November 07, 2005
Andrew aka. Ferret

Andrew Shee is a very queer little boy. He is a very queer boy who has a rather queer fascination with ferrets, Woolies (*hehehehe* Andrew's so gonna kill me for this.. ;) *hee*), illicit humour and underpants. Besides that, Andrew also has a rather queer obsession with wanting to be posted on my blog. So after bribing me with some Tiramisu, i decided, why not. *Can't look at this one with laughing ;) * ENjoy.

Click here for a larger view of this shot.
In my mind

Another shot of poor Kok Keong, standing there posing for me hehe. Looking at this one now, i just wish he was holding something like a sword instead of a book *heheh* the way the light ws going, that would have been such a cool shot haha.. and i always sorta pictured him as a little Samurai boy.
In my mind II

This was from a couple o weeks back. I had one of those lovely Saturdays where i woke up, went for a jog, had breakfast, showered, relaxed with a book, had lunch with a friend, then went out to Bangsar to just browse shops and visit some art galleries. No really fixed plans. No time schedules to keep up with. No impending tasks to be completed. Just a free day to do what ever i wanted, when ever i wanted. Does don't come around too often. Anyways, Kok Keong and i were pottering about the art galleries in Bangsar when i shot this. i just loved the way the light streamed through the windows into the open empty space. There was something nice and calming about the warmth and the glow of it all that seemed to fit in so well with the rest of my day.. :)
Angry Eyes

Another thing i learned at church that day was these Thomas Engine toys, their serious business with these kids... haha. This is his "angry eyes" face :) Honestly, i found it a tad creepy... hahaha

I was at church the other day and the kids were all busy playing with these Thomas Train Engine toys *choo-choo* Me being the evil person i am, went and nicked them from the little kids for a quick snap.. just one of those weird moods la.