Wednesday, April 26, 2006
i can't read road maps...
Allow me to be self-indulgent...

It's 3 something again and i have so many things swimming around in my head - questions, answers, thoughts, ideas - fragments of a puzzle i'm building that i've never even seen. Funny isn't it how it's only at this time of day that i have a minute to sit and just think. Someone once told me that i think too much for my own good - he's right, i do. Then again, there's nothing much i can do about it.

Listening to Harlem Blues by Branford Marsalis who i'm going to go see perform at DFP tomorrow night - yay!! *excited* But the song's putting me in a funny mood right now... the feeling you get when you're lying by a pond drawing circles in the water with your fingers, just watching the water swirl and ripple and move - watching but not really seeing - just watching, thinking. That's what it feels like right now. For some reason, i just want to be near water so bad right now that it hurts.. that's one of the things i loved about Bali, there was always open space there. No routes, no maps just lots and lots of space to get lost in. I miss that.

Dawn in Ubud, Central Bali.. taken while we were wondering through the padi fields..
Blogger urbanDee said...

*looks around*


Blogger grace_t said...

*over here!*

lols... how's my gravy and biscuits doing?? haven't seen you guys in a while :)

Blogger urbanDee said...
HIIII!!!!!!!!!! *jumps around frantically*

did Priya tell you about PSFM (pronounced as ONE WORD)? you HAVE to come!

and the cast party! WOOHOO!

i miss you, gravy =D

Blogger grace_t said...

*jumps out of the way so that she doesn't get squished by brana*

PSFM??? whazat??? *looks confused*

:) would love to crash the cast party... er.. but when and where isit??

grace misses her biscuits..

Blogger Emilie said...

good to see the picture... brings back memories... *tear*

i still think i look really funny, especially in that black and white shot... yer.....


psfm is pronounced as piss-fm la brana.... and yes grace, you HAVE to come. the cast party isn't exactly a cast party, more like a cast vacation... ask priya about it la!

Blogger Emilie said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Having to think deep is needed to sort out what is needed and what is not.

However to live is to shed all thoughts for one second of bliss.

Finally to love is to live one second of bliss and spend eternity to sort."

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