Saturday, December 31, 2005
Nature Calls

A macro shot of some water plants and a lily pad..
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This one's a desaturated version of the earleir shot.. hmms didn't know which one to pick!

Mr.Grasshopper taking a minute to peer at the peculiar creature staring intently at him with a funny contraption...

Friday, December 30, 2005

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This one's actually a tritone version of an earlier pic (called Walkways i think). Anyway, i like it better this way. Renamed it too. Makes more sense. A bigger version can be seen at

Airports to me have always been a symbol of change and cross tresh holds. A walkway from one world to another. A passage between countries, cultures, class and consiousness...

Saturday, December 24, 2005
Stairway to Heaven
ARMA Resort has these beautiful weathered stone and brick stairways that tastefully pepper the resort grounds. It's so lovely to shoot the stairways in the morning light when the shadow and light intensify the surface texture..

Stairways near our rooms...

Most of the time when i shoot base shots for Photoshop techniques i want to try, i don't really know how i want the picture to turn out in the end. With this one however, it was different. The moment i took it, i immediately knew exactly how i wanted it to turn out in the end - the texture, the grain, the crop, the colour - everything. It's a very strange feeling this whole 'being so sure about something so soon'...weird...
Thursday, December 22, 2005
Exploration - Part 2

And so the journey continued...
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...over bridges

...through secret pathways the searing sun

...through ancient doorways

...till alas, we reached the cool waters of the... pool (?!) *hee* i should stop eating fudge before i make pposts ;)

So as my parents lazed by the pool, my sis and i went to explore the resort grounds
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My crazy sis obligingly posing in front of the reception area.

An entrance to one of the villas..

I just fell in love with the private pool at the family villa... *ahhhh*

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

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Our first morning at ARMA Resort, Ubud, Bali..

The Morning After
When we awoke the next morning, it was like waking up in the Garden of Eden.. When we walked through the grounds to our room the previous night, we had missed much of the view as everything was covered in the blanket of night. But in the morning, in the full glistening brightness of the morning sun, the view was amazing. The grounds at ARMA Resort were lush and there was just so much to see! My sis, my camera and i decided to take a walk through the 4 hectare compound as Mom and Dad lazed on the lanai outside our rooms. As far as we could tell, we were the only guests there that day.. and that suited us just fine.

P/s: Having some trouble loading shots to this site at the moment so please refer to my photobucket account for the shots!

CLICK HERE to view the pictures at my Photobucket account.
Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Finally Flying
So finally, after much waiting and much silliness, the plane was ready for boarding...
Monday, December 19, 2005
Blue Skies

Although in the grander scheme of things i know that 5 XD cards is not enough for me to adequately shoot a 6 day holiday, somehow, at the beginning of the trip, i felt like i could be very liberal with my shots - meaning: i shot a lot of sky :) la la la...

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Sometimes, when i looked out the window, i was almost convinced that what i saw outside wasn't real... it looked like a painting or a backdrop from some disney movie.

I was so dreamy up there watching the clouds float by. It was so calming.

There were times when the plane dipped and the sun caught my window in full glare. It cast bright beams and long shadows in the cabin - all very ethereal looking.

Saturday, December 17, 2005
Sunset Sky

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We were all a lil antsy and tired after waiting for the plane but when we got up into the sky and saw the beautiful sunset that met us, i, at least, was in part thankful for the timely delay. It was so lovely up there as we cruised in between the clouds. You could see the sea down below like a solid plate of amber gold and floating clouds dotting the scene, seemingly floating on a blanket of mist above the glowing water. The sun streaming through the clouds, casting shadows and flickers of light as the sky was ablaze with changing colours. *so so beautiful* Unfortunately, shooting through a dusty airplane window doesn't help much but after a dozen or so shots, i got a decent one :) *yay* Still doesn't do justice to the real thing though - and maybe that's how it should always be.
Funny Faces

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Apparently, there's only so much time you can spend shooting cute guys before you realise that they're not so cute anymore. As you can see, we were very very VERY bored.. hahah.. luckily for me, i was at the other end of the camera when we were acting silly while waiting for the plane. *hee*


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Our plane was delayed by about 2 hours which gave me and my sis a lot of time to be bored. Thankfully, i have a digital cam so i decided to play around with my cam's filters while shooting some unsuspecting (and equally bored) people in the departure hall. My sis thought the guy with the earphones in the middle of the pic was kinda cute so... *snap snap* :)

Friday, December 16, 2005
Trippin 2

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Another trippy red-bubble-photo :)

Trippin 1

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Being in airports, for some reason, always infuses me with a certain buzz. I don�t know whether it�s because I�ve always thought of airports as a checkpoint of sorts for people�s lives or if it�s because I�m always itching to go somewhere new, but either way, I usually get a bit heady when I�m there. So me and my sis are prancing about the squeaky departure hall floors when we spot a kiddie-playground-airplane-thingy. Giving in to our naturally heady instincts, we then proceeded to traipse around the thing and shoot trippy pictures through the red-tinted-bubble-window-things on the side or the kiddie plane. I kinda like this one of my baby sis... wheee�

Starlight Express

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I'm back from Bali... and how i miss it!! Bali was just wonderful and not just for the usual reasons that people like it (e.g. the shopping, spa etc.. although i DID love that about Bali ;> ) but more so for the sense of discovery, vibe of underlying potency and just general feel of it all. This is a shot of the departure hall at KLIA. I kinda thought that the reflected lights on the polished granite floor looked like a pathway of little stars..