Saturday, April 30, 2005

Another shot from the singapore trip. This was actually taken in Johor. We were staying in Johor that night and there was a lil fun fair thingy going on.. don't see much of those around here anymore :( a pitty. i always liked fun fairs... especially the carousel!! *lol* we would have gone for a spin or two if the bus wasn't already driving of without us :)

p/s: Unlike my "Feet" post, this shot is a lot better on full view. Click on the pic to open another window *cheers*
Thursday, April 28, 2005

oooOoOooooh.... i need to get a life. Really. I've been starring at this comp for waaaaaay too long :( hahah... Feet.. yes feet... interesting story this one.. it's not a photo no.. see i was scanning some stuff for my work and all and i kinda pressed the "scan" button when my feet were propped on the glass.. so... i thought coOoOool.. it makes pretty pictures. So *wa-hey* i scanned my feet.

Oh gosh, i just realised how sad i sound :( *sob*
Thursday, April 21, 2005
Glow II

"..and the bass keeps runnin' runnin' and runnin' runnin' and runnin' runnin' "

Yet ANOTHER psycadelic light shot.. it was so hard to catch the lights at the right moment cos they kept swinging wildly back and forth... but... heheh :)

Taken at the same place, same night..
Glow I

"Can you feel the beat? Can you can you feel the beat?"

(Gotham Penthouse, Clarke Quay, Singapore)
Night Fever

Ookay..something a lil bit different now.. Singapore at night! We had a blast shakin our booh-tey in Singapore under the psycadelic lights @ Clarke Quay... you know me and lights.. hahah i can'tn resist em!

Get this.. i'm awake right now because the stupid mosquitoes are eating me alive.. i'm serious. Their's a i might as well do something since i can't sleep... Another brightly coloured one from my Lil india series
Campbell Lane

More shots from Little India... i just love these dusk shots..the deep blues contrasting with the warm lights and fruit....the colours..the colours...

This was an easy one to name.. i admit, i'm running out of title ideas and have been reverting to rather lame ones recently :( (anybody got good title ideas?)
Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Street | Lights

We were running late to meet up with the rest of the group that evening but who could resist taking a shot of such a colourful street against the lovely evening blue? (Taken with Tanya's Canon ixus..not a bad cam with the colour and contrast BUT it takes extremely small files..suppose it was the setting ;p).

The cacophony of lights and colour there really had me in awe. So much going on.. makes you feel like you're watching a movie..only diff is this time, you're walking round in it.. walking around, watching.. and the people pass by, each absorbed in their own lives, going about their own business, oblivious to me standing there..watching, always watching..
Flower | Power

"Look at all the pretty colours..."

I FINALLY got some of the pics from my Singapore (class) trip from my friend (used her cam a bit see).. so*woo-hoo* i get to post again. *Eeee* had so much fun there. Did the stupidest things, never walked so much in my life and took so many pictures that i didn't have enough memory space on my card *sigh* i need a new one *hint hint*. Anyways, my group got assigned Little India (in S'pore) as our research site which, compared to Orchard Road and the Esplanade wasn't the greatest location for research :( I was expecting a really boring trip.. *sob* no shopping or anything..BUT hehe guess what? I ended up having an absolute blast... so so much fun running around there..AND i read a map...READ it and FOLLOWED it and, get this, DIDN'T GET LOST!! *cue applause* hahaha.

This shot was taken by my friend Tanya, my partner-in-crime in S'pore at one of the colourful garland shops there. i did a bit of cropping in photoshop and *walah* here it is... Flower Power..Little India has such a hippie vibe sometimes. All the backpacker inn's and stuff... ;) *peace out*
Saturday, April 16, 2005
Melt | Down

Seeing as two very special people, my mommy dearest and Miss Zahra Spears (Ferdinand) have just celebrated their birthdays, this is just a belated bloggie wishing them both a smashing year ahead :)

I was so busy snapping away at my mom's bday cake that the candles almost melted all the way down by the time i was done *lol* cake... *yum* .....
Thursday, April 14, 2005
Altered | Ego

Just me, my shadow, my camera and a sunny day :)

It's been a while since my last post.. just blogging again to let you all know that i'm still alive .. well barely but still here anyways :) *heheh* As usual with work and the competition and all i've been living under a rock again.. *sigh* Do find time to come visit me under my rock ok? *cheers*