Saturday, September 29, 2007
Blue Moon

Taken at Lake George (yes, it's a "lake" go spot the water) on the way to Canberra... The moon wonderfully bright that day :)

I've barely done anything productive this week..
and now i'm feeling very guilty about it.

It's absolutely astonishing how i can come up with a million ways to do nothing. In fact doing nothing is actually quite an engaging activity. It's the end of spring break hols and i'm still in a bit of a daze.. brain's not working and i'm finding it very hard to get into work mode again *sigh* very bad considering how i have 3 submissions this week


*die die die*

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Thursday, September 27, 2007
That Random Duck...

Spring break's fun..
I actually get to sleep some nights :D

hehe this is so cute.. Ray introduced me to this website called 'What The Duck?' and it's so farny!! Seriously, if you're even remotely into photography (or if you've ever chimped off someone elses camera) it'll tickle you to bits..

The duckie is so cute :D nyaha i like the tagline on their t-shirts too:
"Photographers make it last longer"

nyahahaha... sorry lame-O random post.. i just love the duck *hee*
Monday, September 24, 2007
red or blue?

Red or blue
it's still the same
still your ball
still your game

Worn out brushes
washed up scene
limp and useless
painted dream..


Some things catch you by surprise and slap you in the head - leave you winded, knocked up inside and a lil queasy... and yet, i'd rather know them now then go on living inside a bubble, go on guessing or go on hoping.

Either way, it still feels like crap...

...and you have no idea.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Directed towards You.

'My frame of mind' - Shot on Ilford HP5


When up is down and down is up
Out is in and in is out
What's found is lost and lost i find
No rest, no resolve,
no piece of mind..

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Friday, September 14, 2007
Just Enough.

'Performing Geometry'.. a random class exercise last semester.. I really can't remember which way was up and which which way was down.. twas 15 minutes of flipping, stacking and entangling loads of tables *phew* - fun tho.. beats sleeping in afternoon lectures...

It's been a Goldilocks day today..

everything was just nice enough..

Twas' productive enough

leisurely enough

healthy enough

sinfully yummy enough

weird enough

normal enough

sunny enough...

Just right.

Nothing spectacular.. just your regular staple nice day.
The kind you can never get enough of ;D

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Thursday, September 13, 2007
Of Garages and Guy Stuffs

Roadtrippin' - spring break countdown begins!! (Shot on Ilford XP5)

I'm in a strange mood today..
Then again, feeling strange ain't that strange anymore..

In between researching for a report and trying to actually do the report, i decided to happily (and successfully) distract myself by surfing online for birthday present ideas for a guy friend of mine.

The age old question of "what do you get a guy as a present??" is one that rarely finds its resolve unless i'm somehow magically saved by another person with some semblance of a bright idea (and they're all bright ideas in comparison to my 'no ideas'.. heh).

Me : So.. what should we get him for his bday??
Tim : Dunno.. what would you like? You like kinda boy-ish stuffs..
Me : *blek*

Hmmm.. worth giving that thought a go.. okay, so if i were a guy, what would i like? I reckon i would like gadgets, tools, shiny stuffs, shiny cars, big tough manly stuffs and a huge garage to keep all of em in... Yeap, think i would be a gadget freak kinda guy, possibly automobile obsessed too... either way, i want a big big garage - always have, always will..

Speaking of shiny boy toys (not toy boys), i came across this website that's got yummy storage solutions for garages and stuff. Was researching storage units for a project i'm working on at the mo and got distracted by the shiny shiny gadgets and storage units they have at that website. Ooh i really like the sexy red set they have there.. hehe been having a sorta "red" phase these days.. *sigh* everything in the photos on that site look so neat and perfectly polished!! Grrr...... they've got all sorts of gadgets and storage bits to satisfy my inner-OCD... finally, a place to store everything... :D

Now all i have to do is find a place to store the storage units *sobs*.. My room is in a complete state of disarray now.. Suitably post-project-design-studen-ish with random pieces of stuffs sticking out everywhere... grrr really do wish i had a garage to chuck it all in. Heh.. then i can just close the door and make everything magically disappear *poof* ... maybe then i'd have a place to actually STAND in my room... *blek*

This post is sponsored by Carguygarage...

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Saturday, September 08, 2007
Coffee & Cameras

Campos Coffee - nyam nyam....

Coffee and cameras and cloudy Sydney skies

make for an unlikely, yet rather interesting day out shooting..

It's been a long long long past few weeks..some ups, some downs. A lot of strange emotions and stranger days. Ironically, as legions of clouds tide over the clear skies for Spring showers, i feel as if my own little grey cloud is finally starting to float away...

Had one of those lovely lazy days today. Went out with Nat & Leanne to shoot some couple portraits and had the chance to witness how bi-polar weather around here can get. It went from sunshine to rain to clouds to rain to sunshine to rain and clouds again, ending in one of the most vivid and complete rainbows i've seen in a very long time. It meant something to me that rainbow.. reminded me that the gloomiest storms can lead to the most beautiful rainbows - reminded me that with God, we're never completely alone.

Learned a few things about shooting too today as i marched the patient couple across jelly-fish infested beaches, slimy green moss, muddy park lands and funky graffiti tunnels (*thanks for being so sporting guys, hope you had fun ;D ). Been researching and experimenting a bit with lomo-style and cross-processing photo editing as the lovely couple likes bright punchy stuffs.. *heh* been having fun going colour crazy with the photos.. i've been shooting black and white so much recently that i had forgotten how much fun you can have in techni-colour.

Twas so nice to get out of uni and out of my suburb for a bit.. it was so nice to not have uni work to rush for a day *sigh* i miss having a life..

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