Thursday, January 24, 2008

My narcissistic moment - basking (literally) in the Sydney sunlight.

I've always loved..
Open doorways and all the possibilities they bring.

The golden light of sunset, the slightest breeze, old weathered doorways with glass panels that catch the soft rays...

Maybe the long grey weekend was worth it after all.

*tra la..*

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Sunday, January 20, 2008
the girl in the window

Self-portrait - Who is that girl in the window...

Looking out a window always
helps me find my frame of mind..

"What is time?
Is it the autumn leaves that change?
Or the snow that floats from the sky

What is Time?
Is it the air we breathe?
Or the wings that teach
The new born bird to fly

Who can tell?
I don’t know
Will we change?
Will we grow?

What is time?
Is it eternity
In heaven
Or just a hope for peace on earth

Where’s the time
Gone in a blink of an eye
But with every blink
a birth

We live
We learn
We love
In time
We give
We yearn
We grow

In time

Time for change
Its time to care
It’s not too late
Don’t despair
Reach inside your heart

To find the joy and love
To share with all mankind
For all we know

All we have.. is time"

- 'Time' by Billy Porter
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Hiding inside my BOX.

The BOX - Pen sketch + Photoshop rendering (for my recent summer course)

I complain a lot about having to do hand drawings..
but truth is.. i secretly like it.

It scares me like crap when i think about having to draw stuff manually.. it just seems so foreign to me which is strange seeing as i've been doing this for a few years now... some people find sky diving and bungee jumping scary... sit me down in front of a blank sheet of paper with a pen, a ruler and a 2-day deadline and i pretty much get the same feeling.

Call me weird but i still don't feel comfortable with people looking at something i've made or drawn by hand.. i'm fine with showing photos and computer graphics and other more 'processed' stuff like that but something hand-made and hand drawn.. just seems so... personal.. so blatantly human.. and raw.

I don't post my work up much here. Only the ones that scared me upon starting them and made me happy that i did attempt them once it's all finally over.

I suppose it's true that the things in life that scare you the most are often the most worthwhile - and they don't even have to be big things.. just little ones faced everyday, one little freaky feat at a time.

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Friday, January 11, 2008
NYE 08 Fireworks

New Year's Eve fireworks at Circular Quay, Sydney. 'Twas a wonderful night to be young, alive and sitting up there watching fireworks paint the sky..

What is it about fireworks that thrills us so much?
Why do we long for it, look for it, live for that one short moment of amazing wonder and happiness... why?

It occurred to me tonight that our lives are much like a fireworks show. We are amazed and inspired by the times when colourful fireworks light up our lives - times when we feel alive, excited, in awe and amused. And when the fireworks pause briefly in between rounds, the darkness and the quiet is amplified by its absence - yet it is a good darkness and quiet; one that is appreciated as a necessary experience in contrast to all that excitement.

As long as this alternation of highs and lows is in motion, we can engage in life - in the now.

But what happens when the show is over? That long wait in between the last show and the next? We wait and we search, passing the time running around in circles until the next thrill comes our way. Somewhere in the midst of all that running, we're so busy looking down at the ground that we miss the show happening around us altogether.

What are we waiting for? That next show? That next job, relationship, adventure, success, house, car, holiday? That next show isn't 'coming soon', it's already happening right now. We just have to stop running, look up and see that there's a whole lot more to life than we thought there was.

Live now. Love now. Life's too short to miss the fireworks.