Sunday, April 13, 2008
A work in progress...
The combination of several non-related random things..
gave me a wonderful little revelation today

*Warning: i'm feeling pensive and corny all at once right now so this might be a rather strange blog post*

Between watching the Nanny Diaries, reading up on some architecture research and surfing the web, i came across three little random thoughts today that made me smile..

The first was when i watched the Nanny Diaries while munching on my brekkie cupcake. One of the scenes at the start of the film is of Scarlett Johannes's character being interviewed for a job. The interviewer asks her to describe who she is and she completely blanks out. It made me think a bit about what i would do and say if i were in her place (which may be sometime in the near future if i survive final year :p)... who is grace, really? what is grace? how would i describe her to an alien life-form if i had to describe her to an alien life-form?

Later in the day, while pouring through an architecture journal, i came across this statement made by Japanese architect Toyo Ito: "True creation is when you can't tell what's ahead, you can't see until you get there." Second interesting thought - sometimes we don't have to know where we're headed to know how to get there. Brilliant... an excuse for me to be mildly blur and quite clueless about just about everything :D

Out of curiosity i started surfing the net to find out more about Toyo Ito and i eventually clicked on the link to his main website. What popped up made me smile and suddenly, it all made complete sense in my funny little head.

The opening screen of that website said "Toyo Ito - Work In Progress" it was probably meant in reference to the website not being completed but i chose to take it at face value just because that simple statement is so wonderfully poignant and beautiful - "Toyo Ito: Work in progress" - love it!!

It was then that i realised that regardless of looming insecurities and uncertainties, there was a saving grace (yes, pun intended..). It didn't matter if i hadn't got it all figured out yet because i'm still a work in progress - always have been, always will be. Perfection is not an end result, rather it's a process of progress... something to be worked at and to strife for.

Nobody's perfect and frankly, i'd rather be Somebody
(heheh... sorry, couldn't help myself...awfully pun-ny today.. get it? get it? fun-ny... pun-ny.. *hee* ;p)

Signing off tonight,
-grace, a work in progress
Thursday, April 03, 2008
No more emo
On strict orders from Rachel
i am no longer allowed to blog emo posts..

heheh.. (*hi rachel*)

So today's post will be sunny and happy and quite content. It will have blue skies and sun hats and an evil little delicious fried treat. It will be posted at the end of a lovely lazy day in remembrance of a lovely lazy day. If only everyday could be sunny and spent doing nothing at the beach :)

So here goes:

Grace's checklist for a wonderfully lazy day at the beach :D

Mix all ingredients well, add a dusting of icing sugar on top.. and follow with a big serve of maple pecan ice cream on the side.


i love my sunny days :)