Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Justin's Got Milk

It's quiet out
while sleepers lull and toss
in waves of undulating dreams

yet night need not dim the stars in the sky
for mine therein to breathe life
reminiscing my reveries

to wait in moments as if years
knowing not their end yet feeling no fright
to be fulfilled
to be complete

as they march soberly past
the stillness inside calms me
takes me

and as always it begins to play

while it's quiet out...


Just felt like writing something. it's been a while.

Just got back from stuffing my face with Baskin's ice cream at JustinBear's place. Where i watched Pirates of the Caribbean 1 for the first time while RayRay and Tsuen were either busy watching Justin's cats or me hiding behind a big big pillow when the ugly bits came up *ish!!*

*switches focus back to Justin and his cats*

They are so freaking cute!!! I took this vid of the JustinBear version of a 'Got Milk?' commercial.. the updated version of it. New generation cats can now get their carton milk fresh from their master's tummy by erm... milking it?!?! hahaha... check it out.

Blogger yellow_monsta said...
hoiks, didnt know u can sprout poetry so well! *files under new discoveries of grace-top secret*

hahaha, darn cute ler justin... the milkbear.. mMmmmMm

Blogger Justin said...

wtc?! hahaha..stupid yellow monster..i ain't no milk bear!!!


i can't believe u posted it up girl.....i can't believe it!! And you deleted my earlier comment!!!:(

zzzzzz..*milks raymond*

Blogger grace_t said...
monsta: hehe i'm in one of those moods again :)

justin: haha aiyo ilove that video la i really do. soslumber la your cat hehe *hugs* and i didn't delete it! the whole post was whacked!! had to repost ;p

Blogger Albert said...
Rub my neck and I'll do the same to you. ;)

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