Friday, August 04, 2006
What walls?

What walls have seen, heard, tasted
the churnings of a bleak emptiness
so deep the darkest shadows leave the sun
weaving into silk strands that
tangle the illusion of truth beyond lies
making the ones we trust the ones that bind us
hold us - and steal us away

slipping further toward the light that shalt not falter
to sleep in sorrowful bliss by the waters of time

What walls could feel, touch, break
with sudden emotion that rushes from this gash
clawing blindly for absolution when
choices have been made - the mind set
solid masses of steel gates chain me
and one's self is to blame.
No less, no more

Beyond the silent whispers, fading hearts, and sunken eyes
What walls are to blame?

For what walls have stood to try themselves
in trials that set to flame?

None at all.
None at all.
None at all.



Do excuse the emo-ness, i've just been thinking...
Blogger yellow_monsta said...

Blogger Justin said...

i love your writings..though it's dam emo..but dam nice!:)

cheer up! i bring u for cake la k one day:)

Blogger grace_t said...
monsta: hmmms?? :)

bear: thanx dear :) haha glad you find my emo-ness amusing. but just because i'm emo doesn't mean i'm sad.. it jsut means.. ive been thinking..


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