Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Back home..

Grace is back!!

(You can stop groaning in agony now, yes)

So it's been something of a rather interesting trip.. one of meeting new people, learning new things, seeing new perspectives.. :D short chilli padi of a road-trip - leaves you panting wondering what hit you and i mean it in a literal sense too.. omg we walked so much in S'pore!! So proud of myself for effectively trudging aimlessly around S'pore for more than 12 hours straight in a day... *whee* anyways, here's one shot from a batch of 1..2..3..10... 600.......? @_@ Okay a batch of a lot of shots la ;p haha.. will post up more soon!

Blogger yellow_monsta said...
i tell you dear readers... four days with her...



love the lights.. :)

Blogger grace_t said...
nonsense!! ahaha i hope you really really like the lights, cos you're going to be seeing more off em after i'm done bashing you in the head ;p

Anonymous Matt said...
Seiously I think I'm the reason for all the walking ;P

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