Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Photo Blog vs. Photo Gallery
You know something is wrong with your blog when your online friends ask you for "photos of yourself" so that they can recognise you when you meet them in person...

As of today, there are what 3..4... cam whoring pics of myself on my blog?? Therefore to fulfill the true calling of a blog (which is to *doh* host obscene amounts of cam whoring pics) and to make up for lost time, i'm posting a whole truckload of cam whoring pics here now *wheee*...

After all, this is my photo blog not my photo gallery so bear with me as i indulge.

*WARNING: Lethal dose of cam whoring pics below. Not suitable for young children or those with heart conditions.* *bleep*

First off, pics from Olympiarch 2006..

(L) The Red Queen & the Princess (Nell & i) ; (R) Naz the... ???

A break from moshing to snap a quick group pic!

Yes, i like shooting myself upside down ;p

Princess Grace, Devil Jay & Devil Naz

Mamak after a long night (L-R Clockwise: Me, Mai, Jimmy, Sally, Mimi, Riya)

Pics from Endgame@KLPAC.. Look who we bumped into after the show :D

*Oh no miang miang MIANG pic of me* *blek* Grace & Jasiminne Penguin

A considerably less miang pic of Kelvin and i

Sharifah Amani and moi..

Gavin and moi..

Albert and moi.. ?? Hmms..

Pics from our trip to MV Doulos..

Justin Bear & Ray

Pimp Bear & the Huei Sisters (Huei Yuih & Huei Tsuen)

Huei Tsuen & i snapping pics while waiting in line..

Okay, this is too much for me even *hehe* think i'll split up the cam whoring pic series into 2. End it here for now.

Sick of me yet?

Haha.. bewarned, Cam Whoring Part 2 will be coming soon. Till then...
Blogger yellow_monsta said...
i was expecting one or two pics, didnt know you go full force wei! hahaha


Blogger grace_t said...
hahaha la la la.. but you already knew that i was obbsessive compulsive.. *hee* i actually had more!! haven't even posted the ones from sunrise jazz fest yet ;p

Blogger yellow_monsta said...
heh, the words 'obsessive compulsive' gives their homage to you not vice versa... :p

haha, can't wait for part 2! :)

eh, but ah, be kind, and post not gay pics of justin and i, you wouldn't want to desecrate the sanctuary of your blog...

Blogger revel in me said...
Haha, I can't believe you held off cam-whoring pics for so long! :P

Blogger grace_t said...
ahaha yup i did.. dunno la i think the overload of all these emo posts led to the urge to desicrate my blog with photos haha.. eh didn't know you blog too? How's you dear?? Having fun in Melb so far? hehe my dad's more open to the option of me going to melb nowadays.. hehe i've been brainwashing him slowly *whee*

Btw saw your pic on Smalls' blog yesterday while blog hopping and was wondering how you were :) Now here you are! yays! and ranjitha blogs too???

Anonymous Anonymous said...
foo yoh~ unleash the cam whore within!:D

i'm so glad of my accomplishments..:P hahaha..

yea and pls..don't put the gay pics of me and ray on ur blog weh..after the milk stint...i don't want to be defamed even more..hahahaha:D

Blogger Justin said...
aiks..that was me!

Blogger grace_t said...
hahah anonymous some more justin!! i was saving the gay pics for the next installment of cam whoring stuffs

Blogger revel in me said...
YAYY!! You're coming to melbourne!! *bounce bounce bounce while crosses fingers that your dad's mind will continue to be 'opened'*:P Hehe, I started blogging, like, 2 weeks ago!=p Just wanted somewhere to record my thoughts and experiences, and I am sounding too deep now and I am scared. Hee. You know smalls? ;) Anyway, keep up with the brainwashing k! Can't wait for you to get your butt here!! :P

Blogger grace_t said...
haha yay! everyone's blogging haha.. linked you adi on my site :D haha blogs do that to you, make you sound "deep" *hee* I don't know smalls.. know her cousin Joyce and some of her friends la haha i still find it amusing to randomly blog hop and suddenly see friends' faces pop up there :) i'm working on the brainwashing!! sending in me apllications next week hopefully. how's monash?

Blogger Albert said...
Upside down, you look twelve. Must credit photogenic camwhore buddies too for good pictures.

Blogger grace_t said...
alb: yes yes credit to you for always looknig cool in my pics :) haha... i don't mind being twelve.. upside down i do feel twelve :D

Blogger Justin said...

u should give credit to the great cam whores..like..*ahem*


no gay pics!! NOOOoooOOoo!!!

Blogger grace_t said...
haha oh yes BIG BIG BIG amount of credit to JUSTIN BEAR for officially converting me to cam-whore-ism.. hahaha..

Blogger Justin said...

im gonna miss u for 4 days...

Blogger yellow_monsta said...
me misss youuuuuuu!!! :(


Blogger yellow_monsta said...
eh, its directed to you justin... just to make things clear..


Blogger Justin said...


like i'd let u rub her ey? hahahaha:D

unless she allows u to la that is..



Blogger grace_t said...
aiyo i can't believe i let you guys defile my blog right under my nose again ;p

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