Thursday, August 24, 2006
So Full....
Grace was hungry - very hungry.

She had a vision of Ramli burgers so she ordered a Burger Rusa Special.
Then while waiting, she ordered another Burger Ayam Biasa.
Then, they went to McDs where she realised that "there's nothing quite like a Ramli burger :)"
She is now full - very full...

Blogger Justin said...

w.t.c? HAHAHAH..why got ramli burgers and mcdees one? What's the connection?

now u've induced hunger in me..*rawr* :D

Blogger grace_t said... got connection cos em.. got la! hehe

*seeks to induce hunger in more people - spreads vision of Ramli Burgers*

Blogger revel in me said...
AAAaaaAAAAHHH!!! You meanie!!! now I've got cravings for Ramlee burger, but I CAN'T GET IT HERE!!! ROOAAARRR!!!!

Oh, btw, my favourite is Burger Ayam Double Special: Two slices of chicken patty, wrapped in egg, with melted cheese, and pepper sauce.


Blogger grace_t said...
ahaha i like the rusa and ayam double patty special *whee* nyam nyam nyam hahaha.. i feel damn evil now :D

eh i thought melbourne got mamak??

Blogger revel in me said...
Mamak doesn not equal to Ramlee burger k.. :(

And y'know what, my friends went to this apparently real popular mamak in melb city, and they found out that their curry chicken is canned one!!!

Damn con people.=(

Blogger grace_t said...
CANNED curry chicken?!?! You poor dear.. ahaha y not get your mom to send over those powdered curry spice mixes?? my mom sends em all the time to my uncle and stuff.. real yummy, just add the meat, water and whatever stuffs you want mmMmmMmMsss! :D *hee* i think you can get em from ttdi market or something..

you cook yourself or eat out all the time?

Blogger Albert said...
Where do you go for your fix?

I love the one at KL Sentral Monorail, in front of the 7-11, and the one at Universiti. Black pepper burger ayams!

Blogger grace_t said...
nyeks.. i go to the one outside the fire station along the ldp just before the turn off to ss2 mmmsssss :D

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