Thursday, August 17, 2006
Faces | Places - Singapore (Behind the Lens)

(L-R): Meet Matthias, Grace (moi!) and Raymond - Welcome to Singapore.

3 days, 3 photographers, 2 nights, 1 country
.. and so it begins.


On a completely unrelated note, it's been a rollercoaster of a day. Had a looong talk today which was good - helped put some things in perspective. Got freaking pissed with someone today - which scared some people. Progressed from comatose to wide awake - which was good... and well other stuffs la ;p

Anyways, Grace needs to sleep now.. she's gonna be sleeping while teaching tomorrow (again) *blek*

Till' then...
Blogger Justin said...
hahaha..yeah it scared me shitless!! hahahaha:P

chill girl chill~~~

Blogger grace_t said...
hahaha sorry bear :p

but thanx for bearing with me.. (haha get it? bear-ing? hee**)

Blogger Justin said...
no problem girl:) ehehe...

of course i get it..ahaha..but it was interesting seeing u get angry..ahahhaha~!:P

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