Monday, August 07, 2006

Taken off in the softness
Reveling in the quiet of dawn
To dream
To remember
To reminisce

Moments when yesterdays and morrows are one
And sleep
As light traces the shadows
Laying airy footsteps to guide out path

As golden breathe warms the mist
We wake
Greeting slowly the heavy bright
Rising then to the haze of day

And as you leave, beckoned by your chores
I lie in bed
Stirring between the soft white sheets

To wait again
Till all dies down
And you solemnly swear
to never leave me
Just a little girl in her reverie.



Okay, so maybe this wasn't exactly what i had in mind when i planned to do a follow up post about the MSID event thing but i couldn't help it.

Was deciding which pics to post and landed on this one. Got me thinking.

My posts will get progressively less pensive, i promise. For now, just leave me be - a little girl in her reverie.

Blogger yellow_monsta said...

Blogger grace_t said...
hahaha seems i'm only able to ellicit a "hmmms" from you these days ;)

Just in case you're wondering, it's not about a guy *heh*

Blogger yellow_monsta said...
yah rather lor.. you induce pensiveness in me..

i sense subtle guy elements in it, but oh well, as you say so then.. :)

nevertheless, it has a very sleep/dream/wakeup/sleep feel to it, no?

Blogger grace_t said...
tell you what, you tell me what you think it's about adn i'll tell you waht i wrote it about ok? :)

Blogger Justin said...
eh it really does sound like ur writing about a guy lah girl..:P

hrmsss....o_O na li na li!:P

Blogger grace_t said...
NOT ABOUT A GUY!! ahaha... consider other possibilities.. and it's not about a girl either!! *argh*


ask raymond to tell you la.. haha *tired of depfending self poetry* :(

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