Friday, January 05, 2007
The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club, A.L.M.S. Productions, 2006: (Feat. The Oral Stage - L-R: Reuben W.J Kang, Krystle W., Branavan Aruljothi, Christine Ellis & Kelvin Wong)

"They only met once,
but it changed their lives forever.."

-from 'The Breakfast Club'

It's true though.. sometimes we remember the strangest people for the strangest reasons.. People come and go, paths cross, lives touch. I believe that everyone comes into our life for a reason. No matter how brief the encounter, every path we cross is meant to lead us on and to teach us more about ourselves and what we're capable of. Each person we meet opens up new possibilities, the smallest choices we make can have the biggest impact. Same can be said for me i suppose. Thanks to Reubens's recommendation, i got my first actual freelance photography gig (yeah, no more free freelancing this time *yay!*).

It's for this play entitled THE BREAKFAST CLUB happening now till the 7th of January, 2007 at the KR SOMA Auditorium, K.L.

I did the photography and design for them for their publicity material (postcards, posters, tickets, promo shots, etc.) and event stuff as well.. was quite nervous about it at first - had to learn to use Illustrator and finish the ton load o editting/design work while still busy with Chritmas, New Year and going off to Aussie land- but i'm glad i took it on. Was quite the learning experience i have to say and a HUGE thank you to Kok Keong who helped me in this gig. *hugs*

Anyways, i've been shooting at the venue for 2 nights now and I can see the show improving with each night. Got Albert the Camera Pornster , Asyraf Lee and Fazri some free tics to go see it and pimp it on the preview night. Do check it out if you're free the next few days and show some love to The Oral Stage guys acting in it. Details are as follows:

Postcard front..

Postcard back..

I'll be going again to shoot during the 3pm show on 7th Jan. '07. Drop a hi if you're going during that show - I'll be the girl with the camera bouncing along the aisles :)

Some promo shots i did for them before the play.. If you're gonna rip some pics from my blog to use for personal reason or to post on your blog/website, PLEASE leave a comment and/or link in this post or drop me an email. Please also respect the copyright of this work by not removing the watermark, thanks ;)

Here goes..

Andrew 'Sporto' Clarke (Reuben W.J Kang) & Allison 'The Basketcase' Reynolds (Krystle W.)

Claire 'The Princess' Standish (Christine W.) & John 'The Criminal' Bender (Kelvin Wong)

Richard 'Dick' Vernon (Andre D. D'Cruz) & Carl 'The Janitor' (Brian D. Johnson)

"..something wicked this way comes!"

TBC - The boys (Kelvin, Branavan, Reuben)

'Dick' & 'Carl'..

More shots of 'The Making of: TBC - Practice Session' and the actual production in my next post!


P/s: Sorry i can't turn off Auto-play of the song from my previous post - can't access the song source website since the cables are down. you can manually pause the music by clicking the pause button (duh ;p) on the player embedded in my previous post.) Also, I can't log into Photobucket so i can't change my header!! *grr* Still Christmas for me till the internet is up and running well again..

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