Wednesday, November 08, 2006

To live is but a dream..
Now we are, now we are no more..

For one time is, for another it is no more,
And the silence of existance shatters, glimmers,
Then flows back into the stream of life
The constant cycle of eternal consiousness and temporal sleep
With the promise of meeting again
At another moment in time..

In loving memory..

Anonymous Jian Li said...
that's a really great shot there. gives me that soothing feeling... and yeah, i realised how much i left God out of my life. what camera was it taken with?

keep up the good work! your page is gonna be indispensable from my daily webbie hunts ;)

Blogger yellow_monsta said...
Love the shot and the short... :)

Blogger Justin said...
I love your shot. It looks like there's a cross in the middle of the buildings where the sky is placed. Cool.:)

Blogger grace_t said...
jian li: Thanks.. I was walking through my uncle's new apartment building, looked up and saw this. God sorta pops up where you least expect Him soemtimes ;) This was taken with a Canon 350D D-SLR & kit lens. Glad you like my bloggie :D

monsta: haha you and your verbal acrobatics ;) Thanx as always!

justin: hahah i took it because it looked like there was a cross in the middle la :D hehe from some angles you can't see it. but if you angle it jsut right, the buildings align and form a cross.. quite surreal i thought! :D

Blogger Albert said...
Very cool idea!

Blogger Justin said...
cool. aspects of life from a photographer herself...hahahaha..:D

cool pic nevertheless.:D

Blogger grace_t said...
albert: thanks hehe..

justin: :D

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