Saturday, November 25, 2006
In the mood...

The quiet in the stairway watching over the boys as they hurried down towards the light, VBS 2006, FCT.

It feels as if so much has happened..
without much really happening at all...

In my head, i've already blogged about 3 times so far this week.. Each time i get an idea to blog about something, i make a mental note of it in my head, layout the sentences, choose the photos to post.. and after that, i assume, i'm done. I used to do that with my diaries too - i'd make mental entries to my journals and then when it got to time to actually put things into writing, i was already bored *terrible*..

Been working a lot with kids these past few days.. *Ahhh* going crazy!!! Worked hard the past week making props and doing the backdrop/settings for the recent VBS in my church.. HUGE thanx to Ray & KokKeong@SamuraiBoy for their help *hugs* More pics of that to come soon!

All the running around settling my uni stuff for next year was driving me nuts as well *blek* Glad that's done now :)


Mmmms... been on something of a shopping-spree-ish mood the past few days. Nyahaha.. went bought 2 pairs of shoes and some nice little toys for my computer. Checked out some laptops too! So many laptops so little time.. was like a kid in Toys'r'us wei.. *heeee* nice. Headiness was further enhanced by the Lego Star Wars session at Ray's place (so amazingly cute! Go check it out)

*shwong shwong shwong shish boom kerpiang - Monster die - YAY!!!*

then, i got home..

*boosh* happy bubble died...

I found out that the Bantus Brasil Fiesta night was on tonight when i got home and turned on my comp tonight *aih* Please, if you see me, knock me on the head.... I was so looking forward to it :( .. for some reason, i've been itching to go dancing so badly this week - so so SO SO SO badly. Was especially jumpy tonight too. ARGGGHHHHHHHH... GONE, no more samba for me. I shall now procede to go sulk in a corner.

Goodbye world..

Goodnight & goodbye...
Blogger yellow_monsta said...


Anonymous patlow said...
wow. its like VBS mania. mine's having one now :)

Blogger grace_t said...
monsta: *hugs*

patlow: Lemme guess, the theme of yours is Artic Edge?? hahah so was ours. Apparently 11 churches in M'sia are doing that VBS theme this year :D

Blogger thisguysplace said...
took a pic just like that over the weekend - minus the little boys. black and white too- coincidence!

Blogger grace_t said...
thisguysplace: hehe i love coincidences, they make the world seem smaller and possibilities possible :)

Went to your site btw.. thanx for linking thisgirlsplace :D !!

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