Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Only Cause It's Christmas..

Say hi to Rafael, the most hyperactively adorable kid at VBS 2006.

God has a wicked sense of humour..
..and sometimes, that's what makes life all the more fun

Just got back from Youth Camp on Sunday - had a blast doing stupid things that grace always does (like convincing my sis and another friend to creep down 5 flights of open stairways at 5a.m. in the mist and rain in Fraser's Hill, under a brown blanket which renders your line of vision to the space between your two feet (think "lion dance" kinda under-blanket-ploodding), in order to totter down a hill, through a shed, up a drain and over some otherwise unidentifiable black objects in the darkness and cold, to break into the resort hall, climb through a window and rescue my beloved camera bag from spending the night alone in a quiet, lonely hall) *hee*...


Been staring away at my comp screen since then finishing up some poster designs for "The Breakfast Club". Will make a post on more details of the show soon - for now, i've just sent out the last of the promo designs for printing and i'm a tad bit sick of looking at them *blek*

On a happy-happy-joy-joy note though, the postcards just came in today *yays!* (although pay hasn't yet *bleurgh*) It's kinda surreal to see your work in print.. they turned out a tad bit blue-er than i wanted them to but oh well. Gotta get my screen calibrated *argh*

Anyone knows how to calibrate LCD flat screen monitors? Or can they even be calibrated?


Speaking of Fraser's Hill and the cold there,
i had a sad, sorry revelation today..

I'll most prob get real fat when i go to Sydney next year


The cold weather just made me want to eat and eat and eat for no apparent reason other than the fact that i wanted to.. die la.

But since i'm on the subject of eating, going to continue posting a few shots from the Kid's VBS that i blogged about earlier. Shot these while they were eating *yum!*

Munch.. munch.. munch... growing boys need to eat :D

..So do girls..

I call this one "Happy Cakes". I loved them to bits!! This kid celebrated his birthday at the VBS and instead of getting him a cake to cut (which would have been messy and generally a fuss when you have masses of eager children to feed), she got these lil decorated cupcakes from CeliCakes in Hartamas instead!! They spelt out HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN HAN in bright colours with rows of other equally adorable cupcakes around the wordings. I thought it was a really really interesting idea! Just sing a song, blow the candles and grab a cup cake.. no knives, no mess and NO extra plates.. Besides how can you resist smiling around something that looks this happy?? *cheers*


Christmas is coming!!

It just sneaked up on me this time..

Haven't done up the tree yet or even made out my Christmas list.. not to forget Christmas shopping!!! *does a happy dance*

It's about the 7th day of Christmas already. This time of year always fills me with heady feelings and a generally constant sense of warm fuzzies.

Christmas dinners are starting tomorrow.. it's gonna be dinners every night till after Christmas from now on.. more eating! hehe..

While i may not have done my Christmas list yet, i decided to make a list of all the things i love about Christmas..

Grace's Top 30 Christmas Time Favourites
  1. Warm fuzzy feelings
  2. Heady happy feelings that make me stare off into space and smile like an idiot to myself for no apparent reason
  3. Christmas lights & Christmas colours
  4. Holidays
  5. Quiet nights just sitting by the tree in the dark, watching the lights twinkle with my dad, just talking
  6. Noisy family dinners
  7. Snowflakes, though i've never actually seen a real one :(
  9. Dinner parties
  10. Wrapping presents and decorating them
  11. Turkey and stuffing.. lots of it
  12. Sugar Plum Fairies
  13. Laughing
  14. Making a mess in the kitchen
  15. Making a mess in the hall putting up the tree
  16. Designing and putting up the tree
  17. Shopping for everyone on my list
  18. Festive sms-es from friends i don't hear from otherwise
  19. REAL Christmas cards that i get in the mail (including the beautiful handmade cards i get from my Aunt Liz every year)
  20. Shops playing christmas songs
  21. Christmas deco everywhere!!
  22. Christmas Cake
  23. Christmas Pudding
  24. Popping crackers
  25. The kid's play at church
  26. Carolling
  27. Singing like a crazy person with my sis
  28. Dancing in my room
  29. Hugs
  30. Christmas JAZZ!!
Christmas Jazz always puts me in that lazy, mildly sentimental mood.

Putting in some for you to listen to here while reading.. enjoy..
Blogger yellow_monsta said...
wah, got happy bubbles, now got happy cakes!

Christmas jazz is a love and hate affair to me. It gives that warm fuzzy feeling but don't like how it makes me feel a tad sentimental/sad sometimes.

rmbr... u still need to fit into that new jeans... :p/:D

Anonymous Anonymous said...
haha..yay girl..then next year we can both fit in L size shirts!:D HAHAHA...just kidding. *hides in a corner*

christmas isn't christmas without people you're close to being around you.:(


Blogger grace_t said...
yellow monsta: haha yeap lotsa happy happy things :D heh i know what you mean about christmas jazz la.. i think if i'm alone celebrating christmas and i lsiten to christmas songs, i'll just cry la :( aih.. yes yes size 26 jeans to fit *oh no*

justin: woi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Choi CHOI CHOI CHOI CHOI!!! grrrrrrr *mauls bear* miss you too bear :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...

girl got nice way to show that she misses me mauling me! LOL... jazz is so emooo weh..the last thing I would wanna hear over here in UK.

anyways, merry christmas girl!:) *hugs*

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