Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Shopping with a Vengence

My very own father Christmas in front of our tree last year...

Whirlwind of a day..
while Christmas shopping with a vengence.

I got round to making my Christmas list today after teaching my last class for 2007 (freedom!!). Then, i proceeded to do an intensive shopping spree in the afternoon and managed to shop for 85% of my Christmas list-ees in 3 hours. So proud of myself *pats self on back*. T'was quite fun running around the mall with tons and tons of shopping bags. I had flashbacks of girlie movie shopping scenes where the female (blonde) lead tosses her head back, laughs giddily, holds up tons and tons of bags and says "I LOVE SHOPPING!! *strikes pose with arms raised, hips cocked to one side and one leg coyly bent in front of the other* ...

Now comes the sorting and wrapping *hehe*. I say that with equal amounts of excitement and agony cause it's a love hate thing for me when it comes to wrapping. On the one hand i LOVE wrapping presents and making them look pretty and all. On the other hand, i always wish i had more time.

Right now by bed is piled high with shopping bags and wrappers.. i wonder where i'll sleep tonight.

Ooooh, haha i thought i'd Christmas-fy my blog and decorate my header with some Christmas deco.. scroll up and check it out! tra la la...

Some holiday fun - found this on Youtube and thought it was cute :D


Blogger yellow_monsta said...
hahahahahaha, your banners soo kewt!

your dad too ;)

eh, your bimbo tendencies are creeping out wei.. haha

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