Monday, November 27, 2006
Of Kids and Kranky Moods..
I was randomly blog hopping when..
I had an epiphany..


I want endorsements and free stuff and lots of site hits and free stuff and advertisement revenues and free stuff and and and... you get the idea. Anyways being the geek that i am, i set forth to find out what it takes to "Have a Famous Blog".

It seems that there are several things you can do or be in order to achieve that status:
  1. Be a bimbo blogger (like, duh..)
  2. Be a HOT bimbo blogger (like, double-duh..)
  3. Be cynical about being Malaysian
  4. Have a famous boyfriend
  5. Love cheese
  6. Have a lot of blogger friends
  7. Camwhore like your life depends (check!)
  8. Post your camwhore pics like your life also depends on it (hmms... we'll have to work on that)
  9. Blatantly advertise for events, venues, products (SONY, i love you!! Please give me a new laptop! I promise to shamelessly advertise for you on my site!)
  10. Party a lot and blog about it (Woo-hoo!)
  11. Eat a lot and blog about it (*burps*)
  12. Have an alter-ego (Finally, something i can work with..)
  13. Product placement, product placement, product placement!!
  14. Post losts of photo comics with healthy smatterings of speech bubbles (not to forget the cute expression *blink blink*)
  15. Sing, dance or act in your very own youtube series (the less talented the better..)
  16. Be Kenny Sia (or i could just abduct him and force him to pimp my site.. *muahaha*)
  17. Be explicit
  18. Sell your soul to the evil blogging devil..
  19. Have a cute nickname
  20. Be already famous (*ish*)
Hmm... this is depressing. I shall crawl back into my little hole in cyber-space now.



Now that i got that out of my system, on to something more fun. PiCtUrEs!! *whee*
Some stuff taken at the Artic Edge VBS 2006@FCT.. I got dizzy just watching the kids run around. Try to follow them with a little viewfinder, you'll get what i mean.. Shooting kids gives me a weird little nostalgic-wistful feeling though. Some of them just have this spark in their eyes that i can't quite discribe. The look of hope, happiness and blissful innocence..


She's such a darling to shoot..

I like sitting on the floor.. chairs are so restrictive don't you think?

Dreaming, learning, creating...

Liling and her son..

"Singsparation" time.. la la la..


More to come :D *cheers*
Anonymous Anonymous said...
lol. I like your ideas on how to become a famous blogger. LOL. must've been reading too much of kennysia. ahahaha..:) why don't you give it a shot at camwhoring and placing ur pics up here instead of other people? LOL.:) I know I taught you well..hahahaha.

Anonymous Hopeless Romantic said...
Would being a certified bimbo be helpful in trying to be a celeb-blogger? LoLz.

Blogger grace_t said...
justin: hahaha yeah too much kennysia is bad for my health ;p he's funny tho.. haha yes master, you ahve thought me well :D eh but you only thought me how to cam whore not how to camwhore AND blog about it.. *hee*

hopeless romantic: hahah *cue bimbo voice* like d-UH, definately, girl-friend!! hehe.. ;)

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