Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Back from Blogging Oblivion

Edward being Edward..

The common peculiarities and peculiar commonality in each day make them the same in a unique way..

Just a random thought buzzing round my head. Been encountering lot's of weird things (and people) recently.. but if weirdness is normal then is it still weird? Or is it then normal?


Anyways, i'm back from blogging oblivion once again. After christening my new blog template and subsequently disappearing for some time, i've decided to update my blog again... before i disappear for yet another week!! *hehe*


Went to Singapore again last week, this time with my mom and sis too. Spent 2 days carrying my camera bag around Singapore and i DIDN'T SHOOT ANYTHING!!! Why? Cause all they wanted to do was shop *argh*

Three years ago and i would probably have not wanted to do anything but shop. This time, i was so bored. Fail la my shopping skills.. didn't get anything but a boring shirt and (for lack of better terminology) a fish stick (really.. it's a stick with a fish at the end.. hehehe).



JustinBear tagged me *blek*.. Here it goes:

Four things many don't know:
1) When i was young, i used to dig my nose and wipe the boogers on other people's pants.
2) I believe that i was swapped at birth and i'm really royalty.
3) I don't really like chocolate that much (although there are exceptions of really really good ones - Godiva anyone? :) )
4) I will deny this vehemently if you ask me, but i secretly dream of becoming a popstar.

Four movies i can watch over and over:
1) Life is Beautiful
2) Love Actually
3) Life is Beautiful
4) Love Actually (.. what you said over and over wert ;p )

Four places i have lived:
1) Taman Mayang
2) Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
3) Bandar Utama
4) ???

Four TV shows i love:
1) Prison Break
2) America's Next Top Model (it's a love hate relationship with this one)
3) Nip/Tuck
4) Desperate Housewives

Four places i have been on vacation:
1) Bali
2) London
3) Paris
4) America

Four places i'd rather be:
1) In Venice at night, floating down the canals in a beautiful 18th-19th c. dress, gorgeous Venician guy at my side, soft music playing in the air, the smell of water and night air mixing with the rustic smells of an old and poetic place.. and little lights flickering in the windows above, each telling of a different story beyond the windows and light curtains through which they glow.
2) In a ski lodge in front of a warm fire, cuddled on a big fluffy couch with a blanket, cuppa hot chocolate and someone to share it with.
3) Watching a movie.
4) In my bed, sleeping.

Four of my favourite foods:
1) Famous Amos cookies
2) Ice cream!!
3) Raw meats - shashimi, steak tartar, fresh oysters.. you get the idea.
4) (*This space intentionally left blank in representation of the everchanging food moods of grace)

Four songs i love:
1) Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What a Wonderful World, Israel Kamakawiwo O'le
2) I'll Be, Edwin McCain Band
3) You Belong To Me, Jason Wade
4) Whenever, Whatever, Wherever, Maxwell

Four other people who will be tagged:
1) Albert aka. the Camera Porn-ster
2) Hui Wen the smartest self-declared bimbo i know (hey that rhymes! :D )
3) Yi Khai the "Matt-nificent" (cause i know he's too busy to do this.. )
4) RayRay aka. Yellowmonsta (i don't care if he's already been tagged)

Done!! *phew*

Till next week - Adieu..
Blogger yellow_monsta said...
But you memang princess wert


Anonymous Anonymous said...
lol..u finally filled in the tag! yay!:D

ray, i'm just waiting for yours..hohoho.

girl..i just realised u can be quite lame..hahaHahaha..over and over hur..?:P

where's the choc fudge cake on ur list?:( hahaha..

Blogger Albert said...
You forgot Ramlee Burger! :P I'll do the tag by the time you get back (which is quite a leeway, whee!)

Blogger grace_t said...
yellowmonsta: yeah i know :p hehe...

justin: hahah now only you realised the full extent of my lameness ar?? :D Choc Fudge cake cannot put on the list.. you know why?? CAUSE I HAVEN'T HAD CHOC FUDGE CAKE SINCE THE LAST TIME I HAD IT WITH YOU... see, loyal.. unlike some people ;p hehehe

albert: i'm back!!! and you still ahven't done it.. haha eh if i put ALL my fave food there, die la my list will be too long. Ramlee burger falls in the "space intentionally left blank" part which represents all the other stuff on my list..

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