Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Mirror Mirror

Self-reflection in more ways than one..

It's sorta reached a point where..
I'm just gonna jump and hope for the best..

You know that feeling you get when you're nervous and excited and everything in between all at the same time? Yeah.. that's what it feels like now. Got some things that have been brewing and brewing for some time and i'm starting to get them settled now. Always a good thing :)

More or less decided on where i'm headed to next year. Will blantantly post about it once everything's gone through.. Got another photog project in the works too! Will also blatanly post on that once it gets on the way. *Predicts exciting times ahead!* *whee*


Meanwhile.. some pics from Comedy Freeflow@Actor's Studio Bangsar. While i whole-heartedly applaud their intentions and efforts in staging this gig.. i have to say that though i went in there without expectations, even my non-expectations were not met :( Anyhoo, i entertained myself through it all by snapping pics of the audience..

Kaypopotamus and his camera.. for some reason the place was crawling with photog with scary camera gear that day *click click click*

Another random person in the audience whom i found more interesting to shoot then what was going on on stage..

Hmm.. i like it better this way :D
Blogger said...
The compositions of these photos are nice. If it is not for print, you may want to try boosting up your iso. Grainy, but it gets a better exposed photo. Unless of cos you were going for the lowkey effect.

Also, watch out for the WB. A little ted warmer for my liking. If you are shooting RAW, this is easily rectifiable.

Shoot on ;).

Hey, any more passes to shoot performing arts? :)

Blogger grace_t said...
hyperhex: ellos :) thanks again.. hmm i think i shot the first two pics at ISO 800 with 1.8/f was sorta going for the low key "light outlines the object thing" though *hee*

ah Wb.. i'm always setting it and then forgetting to swap it ;p i've actually never tried shooting RAW before.. been meaning to actually. Still quite blur on how to process RAW images O_o any good programs you'd recommend for RAW processing (i'm a Canon user :D)?

Hmm not sure about passes for shooting.. most of the time, friend's will just call up and go "Hey, wanna go shoot this thing?" or I'll get gigs as official photogs... hmms you got msn or something? Can let you know if anything's coming up... hehe i should ask you the same thing too - Hey, any more passes to shoot performing arts? :D

Blogger Jenhan said...
ahhhh, its me! the picture looks nice, its like all the photographers are in their ready, steady, snap position..but of course, it could be better with a better looking photographer at then end!

anyways, i also want to go for gigs and stuff to be photographer, not official also nevermind, i just want to shoot!

Blogger grace_t said...
jenhan: ahhh.. it's you! it was like an army of photogs wei.. poor people on stage like being shot by a firing squad *hehe* haha sorry la couldn't get a "better looknig photographer at the end" hahaha...

we should like form this network of "We Want to Shoot" call it the WWS :D yeah!! Make it a movement.. take over the governemnt.. become president *has visions of becoming the first malaysian chinese woman to be PM..

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