Saturday, July 31, 2004
Too Much of A Good Thing
There are many things in life that i love.. things i have told myself that i will never get enough of.. well, i was wrong. sooooo wrong.

The past 2 weeks of my life have been a series of indulgences.. OVERindulgences to be exact. *ooOhHh* i still feel queasy thinking about it.

Okay quick summary, here's my:
List of Indulgences (also known as Grace's Confessions :p)

  1. Chinese family dinner after chinese family dinner after chinese family dinner (you know how it goes at these things.. too much food and everything always has to be finished.. as my grandma says 'moi sai fan')
  2. Gelares Waffle Tuesdays - half price off my favourite waffles and ice cream... you know where i'll be on tuesdays.
  3. J-card Memebers Day - living next to OU is my greatest blessing & mom's worst curse :) if you've never been for j-card day you really should go.. it's surreal the way people shop like there's no tomorrow.. and some of em get pretty emotional about it too!
  4. Malaysia Mega Sale - ok so the fact that i'm on holidays right now and that i live next to a mall doesn't help. How many pairs of shoes do i really need? Considering the fact that some days i don't even venture outside the house, NONE. But who's counting anyway *hee*
  5. Kim Gary's - i curse the day that i was introduced to this sinful place! nah, not really. hehe. OoOoOOhhHh.. the restaurant with a name that's synonymous with Cheese baked rice, butter & condensed milk waffles (which actually looks kinda gross but don't judge a waffle by it's crust??), the most sinful french toast i have ever come across and a whole host of other edibles that exist only in your cardiologists nightmare :)
  6. Sleep - hmm to me one of the greatest luxuries of being on break is being able to wake up at 1pm, have lunch, go back to sleep and wake up at 5pm or something for dinner heh.. in simple english this can be translated into being a complete pig.
  7. Haagen Daz All-you-can-eat Buffet for RM25!! - For time eternal, i have eyed jealously the lucky few who were priveliged enough to sit in this uber fashionable and oh-so-exclusive ice cream store gorging their silly little faces in what i then thought to be the most heavenly ice cream on earth. ok so i admit the seductive haagen daz adverts might have had something to do with it but all the same, you can understand the reverance i had for this ice cream.. 'it's not just ice cream - it's Haagen Daz' i would say. That is until some of us got together for a dream-come-true Haagen buffet for, get this RM25!! woo-hoo... talk about a steal, we were all reved up and ready to eat the place dry (or at least i was la). FINALLY, we didn't have to wreck our heads carefully choosing the flavours, we didn't have to worry about eating quickly before the ice cream melted, we..we..we....were so liberated! 9 scoops of ice cream later, i was feeling a like a sick little puffer fish and wobbling along like one too. I shall forever be in awe at how Yi Khai ate 16 scoops of ice cream in one sitting.. seriously.. i think we really over did it :p it was fun tho. By the end of 3 - 4 hours there, we were all a little jaded. 'Haagen Daz ice cream? bah i made little flowers in the bowls of melted ice cream - what's the big deal?' a little sad at how a once revered item on my LIST OF INDULGENCES has fallen from grace (no pun intended). But happy too.. i think the ice cream did something funky to me *whee*

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