Sunday, July 04, 2004
Pic-A-Holics Anonymous
I confess to being a complete, utter, over the edge pic-a-holic .. besides also having a severe blog addiction. I can't help it.. when i'm near a camera my fingers start to itch..the voice in my head comes back to haunt me and i have no choice but to succumb to it and pick up the camera and..and..and.. *SNAP* heh.

ok very sorry about my extreme crappy-ness but hey, my comp crashed on friday night ok?? AND i finally gave the digicam back to my friend so i've been basically digi-cam-less & computer-less this past weekend. Hmm had to nick random friends' digicams and snap a few shots.. still waiting for them to send me the shots so i can load em tho *hint, hint* ..hehe. But anyways.. it's been an interesting couple o days. My comp has finally been restored to it's former condition (All my files are still intact!! YAY!! Thank you WEE!!) and my quest for the perfect digicam is still underway.. gosh i sound like sucha geek haha :p till my next (highly back-dated) post..cheers.
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