Thursday, July 01, 2004
Night Sky 1

Had a relatively dull day :P Woke up with the sniffles and was feeling generally sick and heady. To top it all off, i was supposed to return my friend's digicam today - the one i used to take all the pics here so far. As i packed it away, i felt sorta like i had had an arm amputated or something *sigh*. No more snapping away at whim.. but he didn't show to collect it... hehe thankfully. so i got to keep it for a little longer. Might go to get one of my own tomorrpw!! Yay!

My uncle and his army of a family flew in from Belfast in the evening so had to drag my sorry self up from bed to go greet them when they came over for dinner. I was a bit blur and a bit of a mess but it was lovely to see them again.

Glad i went outside to help with the stuff though since i managed to catch a glimpse of the lovely dusk sky.. immediately rushed up and grabbed the cam.. the red tinge in the clouds had gone by the time i got down again but it was replaced by this lovely royal blue, silhoutteting the trees and street lamps. all taken from my front porch.. my mom was like "you took this picture where? it doesn't look like our housing area" heh. You won't believe what you can see if only you take a moment to stop and gaze at the sky.

Hmm.. listening to Bobby McFerrin's 'Another Night In Tunisia' as i'm typing this.. that guy is just simply amazing.. wow  Posted by Hello
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