Saturday, July 10, 2004
Loooong day..
It's been a relatively crappy yet generally alright day.

Cookie decided to wake me up at 7:30am.. which, to me, during my holidays, when i sleep at 4:00am... is pretty early :p But she's cute, and she gave me a kiss & pulled her big puppy eyes so i can't really bring myself to scold her.

Anyways, had this weird uneasy feeling the whole day. Weird feeling la.. Sorta had a notion that today was gonna be one of those days. Was a lil edgy too since i had to drive round quite a bit. Drove most of the way in anticipation of something crappy happening but *yay* got home in one (relatively ok) piece :) Met up with Hsulynn too so that was nice.

But anyways, got back later than i expected, rushed off to KLCC for MPO again hehe this time tho we didn't have tics so went there to try our luck. THANKFULLY ada tiket la.. haha the concert was pretty nice - different from the usual stuff i've heard so far. So there we are.. la la la on our way to Bangsar for a nice round of drinks to round the night off - all my weird crappy feelings about impending doom temporarily side-lined. *haih* got into road accident :p

Minor accident la. Everyone was generally ok except for a scrape or two. I wasn't driving (Thank God) or i would've definately done waaaaaay worse damage.. but still. I felt sooOoOoOOooO crappy bout it. Like in a way i jinxed my friend :( me and my premonitions..

However, the bright side is that at the police station, some of us got to sit and talk..something we haven't done in a while albiet the unfortunate circumstances. But sometimes it takes things like these to get you to sit down and think about things.

Oh well, i guess that pretty much sums up my day.. oh yeah, and to add to that, i'm pretty much convinced that i'm going to fail my Grade 8 music exam too.. yeah, so that's my day. And once again no updated pics.. since i still don't have a digicam. But i'm working on it!!

In the mean time, i'll just fill this site with my useless ramblings cause as you can see, i feel more compelled (and inspired) to write when i'm in crappy moods. It's been a long day, highs and lows, in betweens. Still have a bummed out kinda "i just feel like sighing, won't somebody call me so i can rant" feeling tho. I guess it comes with the whole package. I think i'll just go to sleep now and hope tomorrow brings better tidings. Later.
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